Recruiting: FS Marcus Griffin 'Smart', 'Physical'

As reported from twin brother <B>Michael Griffin</B> in the Dec. 21 edition of the Inside Texas Inside Scoop, Marcus Griffin really wanted to walk-on at The University. Recently, Marcus made it official. <I>IT</I> caught up with the district 25-5A's defensive MVP to visit a little, talk about the season he had, as well as a few other important things deserving mention.

IT: Need to get an update on your vitals.

MG: HT - 5'11"

WT - 185

40 - 4.5

20-yard shuttle - 4.1

Vertical - 33.5"

Bench - 245

Squat - 380

Power Clean - 240

Passing yards - 980

Pass TDs - 11

Rushing yards - 550

Rush TDs - 10

Completion % - 53 or 54

Tackles - 60

INTs - 2

PBUs - 8

FF - 1

FR - 1

IT: Impressive. Obviously, you played QB, but was free safety the only position you played while on the defense?

MG: Yes sir.

IT: Did you play one position more or less than the other? Or did you play both ways the entire game for an entire season?

MG: No sir. I played both ways all season long.

IT: Any special teams?

MG: I played on the punt coverage unit. I was the personal protector or last guy down. Basically, the safety valve.

IT: Did anyone beat you for a TD?

MG: No sir. But we had a really good punter so the credit should go to him.

IT: What positions did you play as a junior?

MG: Just free safety.

IT: Stats?

MG: 55 tackles, 3 INTs, 5 PBUs.

IT: Which UT coach was responsible for recruiting you?

MG: Greg Davis.

IT: Thoughts?

MG: I really like him. Just a real nice man. And he never pressured me at all. Since I'm not coming in as a scholarship player, not much he could do. But he did say that if I wanted to go to Colorado (where Griffin was offered a scholarship) that he understood and that he'd have no problems with me doing that or any hard feelings about it. He just wanted me to be happy with my decision.

IT: At what position will you start your collegiate career for the Horns?

MG: Free safety.

IT: Describe your game.

MG: I'll describe it for you on the defensive side, since that's where I'll be playing. I think my game is about playin' smart and I try to get physical out there. Watch a lot of film and prepare well for my opponent. I think I can recognize run or pass pretty easy. And I play with a lot of emotion, but a controlled emotion. You know, where I don't lose my head and make mistakes.

IT: What do you need to work on the most?

MG: I want to get faster. I think I can improve my speed.

IT: Thanks for the really great interview and send us out with a little bit about your official visit during Mack Brown's Banquet Weekend?

MG: I'm from the Austin area so I've seen a lot of it (UT) already. But I really enjoyed visiting with the players and the coaching staff. And I was surprised how well everyone got along. The players are so close. And it was really nice to see that. And they always found a way to meet back up at one spot.

We'll have some more on Marcus Griffin in this week's installment of the Inside Scoop.

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