U.S. Army Game Report: Robert Killebrew

While in San Antonio, after the West had been trounced by the East squad, <I>IT</i> caught up with Robert Killebrew for a brief post-game interview to get his opinion on the game and to ask him a few questions about his recruitment.

"It was fun," Robert Killebrew said when asked about the U.S. Army All-American Game. "I had a blast."

Keep in mind, this was Killebrew's first game as a linebacker and although he looked pretty raw out there, he showcased that 4.5 speed and was willing to mix it up when he had an opportunity.

"Well, it was a learning experience for me," the nation's sixth-best linebacker prospect told IT. "I'll get better and learn the position pretty quick when I get into college, but I have no complaints. I was just glad to be a part of the game and a part of the event."

Was the competition at the U.S. Army All-American game better than he thought it would be?

"Not really," said the Klein senior linebacker who posted over a 39'' vertical at the Nike Camp in College Station. "I expected them to be good."

Killebrew was in on a couple of tackles where the player was already being brought down close to the sideline and once when the opposing player had already crossed the goalline for a touchdown. Asked to comment on the fact that he still laid a lick after the TD play was seemingly over, the state's top linebacker said, "When I play football, my main objective is to knock someone out. I'm not going to run halfway down the field to just stop. I'm going to hit somebody in the mouth. If you cant handle it, then keep your butt on the sideline."

Killebrew continued, "I play the game at 140 percent. That's the only way I know how to play and the only way I'm going to play. I have too much respect for the game of football to play it any other way."

And for a person who has gone on record as not being someone who likes to cut rug, Killebrew displayed some nifty moves and was the top performer during the player introductions. Tarell Brown's run down the human path made up of cheerleaders and football players while sportin' two Hook'em signs was a very close second.

"That's just emotion," Killebrew said, "Love of the game... I have a lot of passion for the game of football and that's what you saw."

With a trip to Florida this weekend, the starting WLB for the West team was asked if the Chris Leak fireworks show and halftime commitment to the Gators had a positive influence on him about attending the University of Florida.

"Not at all," Killebrew said in a business-like fashion. "Absolutely no bearing on the decision I will make. There's talent everywhere. Maybe, I should go to Austin because they have talent there too. I will make the decision that I feel is best for me."

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