Spring Report: Jermauria Rasco

Jermauria Rasco is not only one of the top players in the 2011 class, but one of the best players in the country regardless of class. On Friday night, Rasco was back on the field at Shreveport Evangel for their spring game against Shreveport Huntington. Burnt Orange Beat was there to get a look at perhaps the best of the 2011 class and files this report and extensive photo gallery.

After being in the business for a decade or more, it's not often that one runs across a prospect that makes the jaw drop immediately. Well, that is what happened on Friday upon arriving at Evangel Academy.

First was the game tape against Homer in which Rasco was shot out of a cannon off the snap with a low inside shoulder and finishing burst to the football that was otherworldly.

Then there was the face-to-face meeting and interview in which with an engulfing handshake made my right hand disappear. If there were any questions, he's every bit of 6-3, closing in on 6-4, and 235-240 pounds.

The spring game against Huntington began at 6pm meaning there were a couple of hours until Jermauria Rasco was to begin demoralizing the opposing offensive tackles.

At about 4:45 the Evangel kicker/punter William Russ hit the field. After watching field goals split the uprights from 45 yards and out to as far as 57 yards with four or five yards to spare a little downwind, color me very impressed. Then the two step rocket punts were launched 55, 60 and a couple of bombs that flew 65 yards in the air with quality hang time.

One conclusion on Russ, if there is a better punter/kicker combo prospect in the country, let me know because this kid has career potential if he can handle the pressure of performing in front of 80,000 to 110,000 fans.

Then the skill players hit the field for warm-ups followed by the main event, Rasco. Fire off the line with a quick first step, shoot the hands with a powerful punch knocking the tackle off balance, burst with a low inside shoulder and close on the football with elite suddenness.

On running plays away from him, he shows his speed and is a sideline-to-sideline player at the high school level with the desire to pursue the football.

In the 20 or so plays watched, Rasco was the aggressor on each snap by beating his opponent in hand to hand combat packing a powerful punch with active hands.

As a pass rusher, the sure fire five-star prospect can bull rush, swim move or just beat a tackle off the ball with pure speed and quickness. He is very flexible in his back and hips, which allows the 6-4, 240-pounder to contort his body with great leverage and an ideal low inside shoulder.

All this and Rasco just turned 16 years old with offers in hand from LSU, Alabama, UCLA and Texas A&M.

Coaches from the University of Texas and Tulane were on the sidelines Friday.

Jermauria Rasco File

Freshman year totals of 109 tackles, seven sacks and four fumble recoveries.

Sophomore year stats totaling 149 tackles, 26 sacks (a national record) and four fumble recoveries.

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