Recruiting: Billy Pittman's Visit 'Tight'

<B>Billy Pittman</B> finally made his way down to the Forty Acres and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, he was already committed when he came, but he was owed that free trip to Austin, a place some people like to call paradise.

If you've never been, well then you just don't understand what the other schools across the U.S. are up against. In Pittman's case, the Horns were always No. 1 so he didn't need to take that official before making his pledge. However, he'd been down a couple of times before to take in some UT football games on his own dime, but this time, The University picked up the tab.

"It was cool," Pittman said. "It was tight!"

Of course, the UT basketball team opened conference play this weekend and you knew that would be on the agenda.

"That was the first time I had ever been to a college basketball game," said the ultra-athletic senior from Cameron Yoe. "T.J. Ford is good, real good."

As for who he hung out with the most, Pittman said, "Selvin Young and Roy Williams. They were both a lot of fun to hang around and pretty cool people."

Jarvis Moss told IT that he and Pittman played NCAA 2003 quite a bit and that Roy Williams was playing with OU and let Pittman have Texas.

"Yeah, that was kind of weird," said the future Horn wideout with a 37-inch vertical. "But he said it's the greatest rivalry in all of college football and that if he played with the Horns it would put me at a disadvantage, since he knew all of the plays already [laughing]. Plus, I wanted Texas."

And the winner was...

"Roy," Pittman said. "He was good and he beat me pretty bad. Roy beat everybody."

Pittman summed up the trip for Texas fans.

"I was comfortable around everybody, had fun, so I enjoyed it a lot," he said. "Just a lot of fun, it was cool, and I can't wait to go to school up there. I like it up there a lot."

Look for more on Pittman in this week's edition of the Inside Texas Inside Scoop.

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