Recruiting: Mohetau - UT 'Different' Than Expected

Is there anyone in the country who wouldn't love to have <B>Ofa Mohetau</b>? I doubt it. The 6-3, 318-pound monster offensive guard/tackle candidate took his official Forty Acres visit and came away feeling that the Horns are going to be tough to beat.

Of course, he still has planned visits to BYU (Jan. 17) and Miami (Jan. 24) after visiting Arizona State (Nov. 29) and Texas (Jan. 10). But IT wanted to check in with him and talk a little bit about his official to Texas, get his thoughts on the recruiting process including a little information about the BYU internet debacle, as well as get a timeframe when he thinks he might be ready to announce his decision.

Speculation that the Horns might offer from Dallas St. Mark's OT Kyle Thornton a scholarship offer has always included a bit of a hitch. If Mack Brown and Co. can't ink Ofa Mohetau, Thornton stands an excellent chance of finding a Texas 'ship offer in his hands. Of course, there's the possibility Kalen Thornton's younger brother might get one anyway. That said, the Longhorn Nation wouldn't mind getting both. Orangebloods want an offensive line stocked with bluechip talent that will play at a high level when it matters the most, yet they also understand that acquiring any offensive line talent for the '03 class (aside from the already commited Dallas Griffin) might be predicated on Mohetau's decision. With Kyle Thornton looking at Ohio State, Big-12 North rival K-State and potentially Arkansas, the Horns might have all their eggs in Mohetau's basket. Needless to say, it's getting down to crunch time.

"I really didn't get to know Nunez," said the 5-star prospect when asked if Tim Nunez's reassignment would have any impact on his decision. "But I did meet with Texas' offensive line coach. He showed me some clips of their offensive line and showed me where I could fit in."

Thoughts on Mac McWhorter?

"Coach McWhorter's a really cool person and I liked his personality," said the prep who can already bench 430 pounds, squat over 500 and run the forty in 4.8. "And his attitude toward football seems like the personality I have, so we seemed to be on the same level as far as I'm concerned. He's a cool guy."

Any misperceptions answered on the official visit to Austin?

"Man, I was way, way off about Texas," said's No. 1-ranked OL. "Totally wrong about that school. I just didn't think I'd be that comfortable there. It was almost weird how different it was from what I expected. It's like, when I was there, I was thinking about going there and stuff. You know, I could see myself at that school, if nowhere else."

Sometimes quotes can be misleading so IT clarified the standout prep's last sentence in the above paragraph.

"I meant that there's a good possibility I could go to UT," Mohetau said. "That's why I want to take all my visits to make sure Texas or any other school is the place I want to go. And that if nowhere else is comfortable like Texas, of course I would want to sign with Texas."

So does this call for a ranking of the visits?

"Not at this time," said the state's No. 1 prospect regardless of position. "Really don't want rate the teams until I take all of my visits."

Mohetau appreciated the gesture IT made in attempting to convey his actual thoughts, especially when you consider the commotion caused by one BYU-related internet recruiting service after stating Mohetau was leaning to the University in Provo, Utah and that a commitment to Gary Crowton and staff the Cougars was just a matter of formality. Another Brigham Young University-related recruiting service followed that story by reporting that they too were not backing off of Mohetau being a BYU-lean but distanced themselves from calling Mohetau a lock to attend their school. Still...

"Man, I don't know what happened with those BYU sites," Mohetau said. "It's confusing to me how they came up with what they did. Most of that stuff was their own opinion and not mine. I know what I said. If other people want to take it the way they want to, I guess they can. I mean, you go on the internet and you see a lot of different opinions. Well, I'm always going to have my own opinion. And as long as I know what I want to do, then I'll be fine."

Mohetau added, "Yeah, so when I saw that site saying I was going to commit to BYU, I was thinking 'Wait, wait, I didn't sign anything'. You know, I actually found it pretty interesting, they don't even know me and were trying to say that I was going to their school. Those guys can say whatever they want, I really don't care. I'm going to do what I want to do."

Jarvis Moss told IT that Mohetau was dropped off at the wrong hotel on Friday and that he had to walk around looking for it for quite a while.

"Yeah," Mohetau confirmed...

Inside Texas will have more on the hotel fiasco later today in our Jarvis Moss report, plus more on Mohetau in this week's edition of the Inside Scoop.

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