Nelson Camp Talks Sets Record Straight

When you have over 30 offers from coast to coast, the pressure to trim lists and set schedules can get pretty daunting. Dallas Skyline linebacker Corey Nelson is feeling that pressure and has already narrowed his list to a top five, but still has five other schools in the running for official visits. Burnt Orange Beat spoke with Skyline's recruiting coordinator to get the straight scoop.

Dallas Skyline linebacker Corey Nelson has offers from essentially every BCS program in the country. Nelson has made unofficial visits to several schools that are within driving distance but some of his favorites are far enough away that it will require an official visit for Nelson and his family to visit.

"The top five is the top five. It is LSU, OU, Texas, Stanford, and A&M. Out of his top five, Stanford and LSU are the only two schools he has not seen," said Skyline coach RJ Bond, who also doubles as Skyline's recruiting coordinator. Bond is a busy man as Skyline has almost twenty prospects who could earn some sort of football scholarship on his roster.

Bond continued, "In my opinion, all five of them are still in the running right now. He hasn't said it to me but there could be a couple of early favorites in his mind. But when he makes his visits on Saturdays, he might figure out that this school is not the school he thought it would be. That is why I said I think it is still very much open."

In breaking down the top five schools, there are several things that stand out about each.

"I know for A&M and Stanford, it is the education side of things. That is not to say that the other schools are poor in academics but they have more on-the-field success. Those three (LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas) have all been in the BCS Championship in the five years or so and that is a big draw for those guys," Bond explained.

In addition to his top five, Nelson is still open to perhaps visiting from another set of five schools since he can afford to drive to some of the schools that are closer to Dallas. The other five schools are Tennessee, Miami, Oregon, Oklahoma State, and North Carolina.

"I just want him to make a good informed decision. Any of those five schools would be good for him. I just want him to be happy with his decision," Bond stated.

Speaking of unofficial visits within driving distance, Nelson planned on camping at both Texas and Oklahoma this summer but brutal summer storms changed his plans. The terrible weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area knocked out power at the Nelson household last week which made it extremely difficult for Corey Nelson to attend either camp.

"He was supposed to go to Oklahoma that Thursday and turn around go to Texas that Sunday, but he did not make either one of those trips," Bond explained.

Nelson's decision was initially thought to be in February, but it sounds as though those plans are moving up into November or December.

"Corey initially wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce his decision, but that is not going to happen with the way school's classes are filling up. It might have to be a little sooner than he expected," Bond said.

"I hope that Corey gets to take all of his official visits. When he gets to see the school (during a home game), he will have a better picture of the school. The Saturday atmosphere of the game will really help Corey make a good decision."

One thing is for sure and that is that Nelson's path to Signing Day will include some more twists and turns.

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