Recruiting: Jarvis Moss: 'I Just Enjoyed Myself'

Did the state's No. 1 defensive end really come to Texas? After all, it wasn't too long ago that these freaks of nature would look only at the Florida schools, <B>Bobby Bowden's</b> FSU in particular.

Moss did in fact make an official visit to the Forty Acres, but he still has a couple of universities he's looking at and wouldn't you know, they're from the Sunshine State, including Miami (Dec 17), which will be tough to beat, and FSU (Jan. 24), which has found itself in an unfamiliar place. Florida has entered the picture with a shot to steal Moss' last visit from the Seminoles. At this point, Moss has now seen Texas and IT wanted to find out as much as possible on the 5-star defensive end and his visit to the Forty Acres.

"I've got Miami next week and after that, I'm not sure," Moss said. "Just got off the phone with FSU's DE coach and they're trying really hard to get me in, but I'm opening up the door and not sure if I want to visit FSU or UF."

As for when he'll buckle down and choose between the two for his third and final visit, Moss said to expect him to take as much time as needed and expect that it will be a difficult choice to make.

"Probably sometime here in the next two weeks," the senior from Denton Ryan said.

He has less than two weeks, so he might make want to make his decision a little quicker.

Back to the trip to Austin...

"It was fun," Moss said. "It was my first time to ever check Sixth Street out and I just had a really good time hangin' with all of the fellas. Hung out with Selvin Young, Albert Hardy and Brian Robison -- that's my boy. I like Brian Robison, he's just cool. He's a white boy who likes to hang out with the brothas. There was a lot of other guys missing from the team, you know, out on break but I got to hang out with Roy Williams too."

"I just enjoyed myself," he added. "The coaches were great, the players were great, just everybody I met down there. Didn't even have to be a football player, I mean everybody was cool. And nobody seemed like they were trying to trick me into coming to Texas. Everybody seemed like they were being honest with me and I like that."

So who came out on top in NCAA 2003?

"Man, that's what we did all night Saturday night, just kicked it in the dorms and got on the PS2," Moss said as he was playing NCAA 2003 against some of his "kinfolk" and watching the Jets-Raiders playoff game while giving IT the interview. He won the game, mixing in some light-hearted trash talk, I might add.

"These fools can't hold me, I'm playing with Oregon right now, I don't really gotta get a powerhouse to beat these boys... [laughing]. But on my visit to Texas, I lost to Roy. I lost one game the whole time I was there. Roy's pretty bad too, he can play good. Ain't sayin' he's better than me, but he got me that time. Selvin Young was my host and I put it on him, beat him 60-28. He needs some practice [laughing]. When it came time to throw in Madden, nobody could touch me. Had the Philadelphia Eagles, that's my squad on Madden.

"Roy's funny though. He was cracking me up. He was playin' with OU and saying, 'Boy, don't you know Oklahoma's beat Texas three years in a row.' And he was saying, 'Don't you know you can't throw the ball to B.J. against a six-foot-four DB.' He was all on their side. Roy's just cool and he wasn't talking trash on Texas or anything like that, just having fun. And he knows everybody on both of the teams, so he was calling out stats throughout the game, you know, just funny to hear Roy talkin' like that."

Moss continued, "Roy's really laid back. He ain't cocky either. He's humble and seems like everything you'd want in a teammate. And he treats us (current and future '03 prospects) like we're already a part of the team. That's how it is at my high school. Everybody's family."

Of course, Ofa Mohetau was there and Moss may have had the opportunity to gauge his thoughts a little.

"Ofa's cool, real cool," Moss said. "I would say that he had a real good time, but he got dropped off at the wrong hotel. You know, he wasn't familiar with any of the streets and it took him a few hours to find it."

That can't be good.

"It's hard to say, I can't really speak for him, but I don't think he made a big deal out of it or anything," said the 5-star bluechipper. "I mean, seemed like it didn't bother him at all. I think he had a good trip. I know I did. And I had a lot of fun hangin' out with him and Selvin (Young) and everybody else."

Moss has been nursing an injury and missed the U.S. Army All-American game. Moss told IT that he really wanted to be there, but knew the best thing for him was to just rest and give himself some time to heal up.

"It's got a lot better with this rest I've been getting since the football season is over," Moss said with a lot of enthusiasm. "I feel as if I'm close to 90 percent now, and that's really good considering how bad it was. The doctors were telling me I had about the worst case of inflammation they've ever seen. You know, I went to the doctors numerous times during the season and was getting cortisone shots. I even lost same weight over this deal. I'm now at 6-7, 210 pounds. My forty time would not be a 4.48 if I tried to run it now... just robbed me of my speed, explosion and everything else. Can't wait to get over this injury, one of the worst ones you can get, especially mine. The only thing I can do is just rest it, that's what the doctors said."

Nice to see Moss getting better and we'll have more on the sack-mad defensive end in this week's installment of the Inside Scoop.

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