Recruiting: Sweed Talks About Texas Visit

Catching up with <B>Limas Sweed</b> is always fun. There's not a more unassuming kid and his almost bashful nature -- with a happy-go-lucky smile -- forces you to like this young man. You don't think about whether you like this kid, you just do.

So it's always a pleasure to get in touch with this Brenham wideout/safety, but this time his mom cut the visit short as she was laying it on thick. It was clear, Sweed wasn't going to get out of the jam anytime soon, so we cut the interview a little short.

IT got a little information to pass on about his official visit to the Forty Acres before the you know what hit the fan...

"Ahh," Sweed paused, "it was tight!" when asked how the trip to Austin turned out. "It was nice and I got to meet some of the players. Met Roy (Williams), Selvin Young, Marcus Myers, Albert Hardy and some other guys, can't remember them all. I just chilled with them and I was wreckin' on 'em when we played the PS2 [laughing]."

Sweed continued, "And Mack Brown's just a great, great guy. I met all of the coaches. You know who was the funniest, I mean just made you laugh? He wears glasses. The DE coach, I believe, can't remember his name right now. But that guy was crazy, hyper, goes 100 MPH. He's cool."

Anyone else?

"Jarvis Moss," said the 6-5, 205-pound wideout. "He's cool too."

Texas have a good shot at getting him?

[Editor's note: Sweed's answer is available to Inside Texas subscribers by clicking here.]

As for what the state's top wideout liked the most, "At Texas, the players know they're good, but don't walk around all cocky, acting like it. Everybody there is so humble. They don't have to go around braggin' or anything. They know they're the best, but treat you like you're one of them." subscription information

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