Programs Still in Pursuit of Dorsey

Tyler John Tyler senior to be Ashton Dorsey is one of three defensive tackle prospects committed to the Texas Longhorns in the 2010 class. The commitment by the 6-2, 283-pounder hasn't kept a pair of Big 12 programs from pursuing the four-star prospect. Burnt Orange Beat spoke with talented prospect to get the straight scoop.

Ashton Dorsey emerged as one of the top 2010 prospects after a junior season in which the 6-2, 283-pounder with a quick first step recorded 63 tackles, 20 for loss and three sacks earning first team All-District honors.

Dorsey had offers on the table from Texas A&M, Oklahoma, UCLA and Kansas State before picking the Longhorns on March 1. Dorsey raised eyebrows in early June after he was one of two commits to not attend the Texas mini-camp June 7. Dorsey says transportation was the reason he couldn't attend.

"I couldn't make the Texas camp because of transportation," said Dorsey. "I'm going to try and go to a couple of camps with my teammates this summer. Just catch a ride with them and go work, but I don't have anything planned."

While Dorsey didn't attend a Texas camp, he says he's 100% committed to the Longhorns and stays in touch with the Texas coaches. Two programs aren't going down without a fight.

"I'm still 100% committed to Texas. I call the Texas coaches every other week and stay in touch through e-mail too. Two schools are still recruiting me hard. Kansas State has been recruiting me hard. Texas A&M too," Dorsey said.

As expected with a brother on the Texas A&M team, Adren Dorsey, the powerful tackle will be spending some time in College Station this summer.

"I will probably go down to A&M to spend some time with my brother. Just to work out with him. Not a visit or anything like that," Dorsey said.

Dorsey is busy four days a week spending time in the weight room and on the track getting prepared for his senior season. Improving as a pass rusher is the goal for the latest CUJO defensive line prospect.

"I'm looking to improve beating double teams and pass rushing. Pass rushing the most. I'm working out four days a week, Monday thru Thursday. Two days I do upper body and two days lower body. I run every day. I build up from 440's to 630's to 880's. I feel stronger and faster than ever," Dorsey said.

Ashton Dorsey Scouting Report

First, Dorsey is a legit 6-2 and recently tipped the scales at 283 pounds. Dorsey features a quick first step, the ability to move and react laterally, strong hands and an aggressive use of his hands, impressive flexibility and the ability to expand with the gap as well as turn and chase the ball.

He comes off the ball pretty low, but can continue to become more consistent in that area as can most young linemen.

As impressive as any skill, is his ability to diagnose/read plays and react with confident, quick movement.

Dorsey has quality arm length and a quick, powerful swim move. He has the ability to line up over the ball and power through centers and disrupt the inside run.

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