Diggs Works Out at Corner

Angleton junior-to-be Quandre Diggs was one of the top prospects at the Texas Longhorns June 14 mini-camp. The 5-9, 189-pounder ran a blistering 40-time despite a nagging hamstring injury. Burnt Orange Beat spoke with talented Angleton star about his camp experience and his future plans.

When Quandre Diggs steps foot on the University of Texas campus, he comes from a much different place than many others since he has been on campus since a young age attending his brother's college games. The little brother of Quentin Jammer also has a head start on the defensive back position compared to others for the same reasons.

Even though the 5-9, 189-pounder has been to Texas more times than can be counted on both hands, he walked away very impressed with his experience at the Longhorns June 14 mini-camp.

"The camp was great," said Diggs. "It was great to be up there with the coaches, players and be on the campus. I already know my position coach, Coach Akina, because he coached my brother. The whole day was great. I enjoyed it."

Diggs has made a name for himself at Angleton as a freshman and sophomore mostly on the offensive side of the ball playing quarterback and returning kicks. While his numbers in 2008 were eye popping on the offensive side of the ball, Diggs is just as talented on the defensive side of the ball. He has earned the reputation from coaches at Angleton plays as a hard-hitting safety and a playmaker.

On June 14, Diggs worked out exclusively at corner for the Longhorns at the one-day camp. Even though the junior-to-be doesn't spend a lot of time playing corner, the transition was a smooth one.

"I worked out at defensive back, specifically at corner. I play corner against the passing teams we play, a Friendswood or a couple of others and I played corner growing up, so the transition was an easy one. I have the hips and flexibility to play corner, so it's easy for me to make the transition. I picked up some stuff from the drill work, but not a lot because a lot of the drills they do at Texas, we already do at Angleton," Diggs said.

The one on one's are the most popular part of the camps for the majority of prospects on hand. The chance to measure up against other talented players at one's position or match-up against the top prospects opposite are key in evaluating where one stacks up as a player. Diggs didn't get the chance to rep as much as others due to a nagging hamstring injury.

"I did alright in one on one's. I only did two one on one's because I pulled my hamstring a little running the forty earlier in the day. I had injured my hamstring during track season and didn't get to run in the state meet and I pulled it a little. I couldn't really break on the ball. I had one pass caught on me and I broke one up," Diggs said, who ran a 4.42 forty despite tweaking the hamstring near the end of the sprint.

Diggs said one player at his position caught his eye as well as his teammate and good friend Henry Josey.

"I didn't really know any of the other guys there. I recognized Leroy Scott from South Houston. He's really good. He really shut down everybody. He can play a good corner. I watched my teammate Henry Josey a little too. He ran a 4.41 forty," Diggs said.

Up next for the talented jack-of-all-trades will be a trip to San Diego followed by a pair of camps in the last part of July.

"I'm going to California next week to spend time with my brother. We will be working on drills and stuff. Then I'll come back and be with my teammates. I've got the Baylor and UH camps locked in at the end of July. I'm going with some of my teammates. We have 7-on-7 on Tuesdays at our school too," Diggs said.

As far as the recruiting process, Diggs says the Longhorns are his number one choice right now, but he does want to go through the process and see some places.

"As I've said, Texas is my first choice and I bleed orange, but I want to go through the process and take a couple of visits. I'm looking at Florida and USC too. Quentin and I go back and forth on the recruiting process about once a week. In fact, I just got off the phone with him. He wants me to commit to UT when they offer me, but I have to go through the process for myself. He visited Florida and Michigan before deciding on Texas," Diggs said.

Angleton will enter the 2009 season as one of the favorites to win 4A Region III with the return of 18 starters from a 9-4 team that won the most games in a season since the 1981 Wildcats team.

Diggs and senior Henry Josey will be one of the top one-two punches in the Houston area and up and coming sophomore Rodney Jackson isn't far behind his two more experienced teammates.

Diggs isn't the only player on the Angleton team with a brother that played at Texas and in the NFL. Junior fullback/linebacker Rodney Hall is the younger brother of Tennessee Titans fullback Ahmard Hall.

The Diggs File

vs. Dickinson (L) 1-5-0-7, 8-103 2 TD (3, 83), 7 tackles
vs. Brazoswood (L) 2-6-0-19, 8-70, 8 tackles
vs. Waller (W) 6-9-1-93, 3-127 2 TD (55, 60), 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
vs. La Marque (W) 2-5-0-1, 14-93, 5 tackles
vs. Friendswood (W) 19-175 2 TD, 88-yard KOR TD, 6 tackles, 1 INT, 1 fumble recovery
vs. Dawson (L) 3-7-1-44, 12-86 1 TD (21)
vs. Brazosport (W) 4-4-0-52, 6-114 3 TD (2, 59, 32), 99-yard TD catch, 7 tackles
vs. Texas City (W) 1-4-0-7, 16-129 2 TD (1, 48)
vs. Santa Fe (W) 3-7-0-39 1 TD, 12-112 2 TD (31, 37), 80-yard KOR TD
vs. Manvel (W) 1-4-0-16, 8-93 2 TD (16, 2)
vs. Foster (W) 4-5-0-31, 22-320 5 TD (70, 70, 48, 46, 63)
vs. Davis (W) 5-8-1-118 1 TD, 6-74 2 TD (1, 54)
vs. Beaumont Central (L) 2-8-2-20, 23-107 4 TD (27, 10, 1, 2)

Season totals: 34-72-5-447 2 TD (passing), 157-1,603 27 TD's (rushing)

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