Longhorn Football Roster Analysis

The Texas Longhorn football team can have as many as 85 annual scholarships and approximately 20 more non-scholarship players. Burnt Orange Beat breaks down the scholarship and key non-scholarship players with our eligibility tracker and comments on roster balance and whole numbers and looks ahead at the 2010 roster.

Texas Longhorn Football Roster Analysis
2009 Eligibility Tracker - updated as of June 30, 2009

The eligibility tracker shows 86 players heading into the 2009 season. Those 86 players include 84 scholarship players and two non-scholarship players, punter John Gold and defensive tackle Tyrell Higgins.

The 86 players break down as follows:
45 offensive players
36 defensive players
5 special teams players

Note: Ryan Roberson, who has played linebacker, is included at fullback where he is expected to play in 2009.

The eligibility breakdown of those 86 is as follows:
1 season left – 14 players
2 seasons left – 21 players
3 seasons left – 21 players
4 seasons left – 10 players
5 seasons left to play four – 20 players

Key Observations

* The Texas offense has a nine-player imbalance over the defense.
* 23 of the 45 offensive players are offensive linemen and tight ends. Eleven have two seasons or less left.
* Five of the six running backs have more than three years or more remaining.
* The Texas defense has 16 players up front, 8 linebackers, and 12 defensive backs.
* Dravannti Johnson and Jarvis Humprey are the only two defensive redshirts last season.
* Nine of the twelve defensive backs have more than three years or more remaining.
* Three of the five kickers and punters are seniors.

2010 Outlook (including current 19 verbal commitments)

Assuming no early draft entrants and the 19 verbal commitments, Texas will have 91 players in the tracker and with the same two non-scholarship players (Gold and Higgins), resulting in an overage of four scholarships. As is typically the case, that overage will likely be resolved by medical redshirts and transfers.

The 2010 roster of 91 players breaks down as follows:
49 offensive players
40 defensive players
2 special teams players

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