Recruiting: Gatewood Makes It Official

Tyler Chapel Hill wideout <B>Tyrell Gatewood</b> confirmed to Inside Texas Tuesday night his commitment to The University. A Tyler news station reported Gatewood's verbal pledge Tuesday afternoon, but the 6-1, 190-pound wideout said he thought it would be released <I>tomorrow</i> afternoon. Regardless, the former Aggie commit is now officially a Longhorn pledge.

After a see-saw battle between Texas and Texas A&M, Aggie Coach Franchione came out on the short end of the stick. Welcome to the Big 12 South Mr. Franchione. Texas is still Mack Brown country.

Gatewood was nice enough to give IT the news of his decision after completing his basketball game.

Inside Texas: How did you do in the basketball game?

Tyrell Gatewood: 8 points, 9 boards, 7 rebounds.

IT: Almost got yourself a triple-double.

TG: Yeah, I was close. Really close, but we won. We won by 20-something points.

IT: Score?

TG: I don't know. Something like 70-something to 50.

IT: Let's recap the situation. Why did you decommit from A&M?

TG: I mean, I liked A&M because a lot of my friends were going there and then the A&M coach got fired. And before that happened I was liking the way they threw the ball and stuff. I didn't want to put myself in that position where I didn't know what they were going to do offensively. I just didn't think that they were going to throw the ball a lot and I knew Texas would.

IT: Why did you pick the Horns?

TG: Well, I saw the way Texas played even when I was committed to Texas A&M and liked the way they threw the ball. I know they're going to throw the ball around quite a bit. And I fell like I'll be given a chance to make a lot of plays. I will also get to be around a bunch of great receivers and you need that type of talent so teams will not double-team you. I just wanted to be at Texas. I like all of the players, I like how close they are and I really like Mack Brown. I mean, he's all business, but he also has fun with the players. I really enjoyed talking with him and his wife. She's really nice too. And I feel like Texas will compete for National Championships and I want to win one too.

IT: Were you having doubts after the weekend trip to A&M? I mean, you told IT Texas was still the leader, yet you needed a few more days?

TG: A&M didn't make much of an impression on me at all. I pretty much knew I was going to Texas which is why I told you (Inside Texas) that Texas was still in the lead.

IT: What took you so long to make it official?

TG: I just thought I should give myself a few days to sleep on it, think about it and pray about it. You know, just wanted to see if I still wanted to go to Texas after visiting A&M and Oklahoma. This is a big decision and I wanted to know for sure that Texas was where I wanted to go.

IT: Did Franchione ever recruit you while he was at Bama?

TG: No he didn't and that was another big deal. That's another big reason why I didn't want to stay committed to A&M. How can they just all of a sudden want me to play there when he never recruited me at Alabama?

IT: Did you and Franchione discuss why he didn't recruit you while he was at Alabama?

TG: They (Franchione and staff) told me they didn't think I wanted to go there (Alabama). And I just found that kind of hard to believe. You know, if they really wanted me they still could have tried. But they never even tried to get me to go there. I mean, all I could have done was tell them, "No". So, that was a pretty big reason too.

IT: Why did you tell the Sooners No?

TG: Just wasn't feelin' it. Knew in my heart that that place just wasn't for me. And it was kind of weird them taking me to a wrestling tournament on my official visit. Also, we went to a club and got kicked out.

IT: Please, tell us more.

TG: I don't know why we got kicked out. Maybe it was the way we were dressed. There was really no reason for us to get kicked out, but we did and I didn't like that either. But it really came down to Oklahoma just didn't do it for me. Just wasn't feelin' it.

IT: What's on the agenda this summer? Do you plan on going to Austin and working out with the team early? Or will you work out at home until it's time to report for August workouts?

TG: I plan on going there early. Probably won't enroll in any summer classes this year, but will go down there early to work out with the team.

IT: Longhorn fans are certainly excited about your commitment and thanks for the interview. Leave us with the thing that stood out the most about Texas.

TG: The biggest reason of them all was the fact that the white players and black players hung together. I really liked that about Texas. You just don't see that anywhere else. There's always a group of black or whites hangin' here and hangin' there, but not at Texas. Not sayin' that at A&M or OU that it was real bad or anything like that, but you could just tell that at Texas you would never see anything like that. Their players are so close. That was coolest thing I saw.

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