Case McCoy Talks at 7-on-7

Case McCoy and the Graham Steers made a run on Thursday and Friday at the 7-on-7 state tournament in the small school division. In between Thursday games, the 6-2, 175-pounder took the time to speak with Burnt Orange Beat on a number of subjects.

Case McCoy is busy preparing for his senior season at Graham. The future Longhorn and his Graham teammates look at 7-on-7 as preparation for the 2009 season running the same passing game offense they will features on Friday nights, which isn't the norm in 7-on-7.

McCoy enters his senior season with 6,435 yards passing and 55 touchdowns. As a freshman, he threw for 2,201 yards and 16 scores followed by 2,008 yards and 22 touchdowns as a sophomore. In 2008, the gunslinger recorded a third straight 2,000+ yard season with 2,226 yards and 17 scores.

On Thursday in between pool play games, McCoy spoke about a number of topics in what is always a refreshing interview filled with honesty and humility.

Q: What are you guys expecting at the state tournament?

A: Everything we're doing out here is in preparation for the fall. A lot of teams run stuff for 7-on-7, but we are looking at next year. We got off to a rough start, but that wasn't our team. We got it going a little now and have to keep doing what we are doing.

Q: What have you been working on this summer in terms of the quarterback position?

A: Basically, I've gone back to the basics and watched every game film from last year. I've watched every incomplete pass and what I could have done different. At this point, I feel like I'm throwing the ball pretty well. You can always get smarter about the game though. I'm trying to get bigger and faster. We are going to want me to run the ball more next year. Our summer program has gone very well. We're excited.

Q: What routes are you working on specifically?

A: I'm doing okay with the quick game and I'm throwing the deep ball better. I still have a tendency to misjudge the deep ball. Not that it's terrible, but just that I'm always working on the deep ball.

Q: You come from a unique quarterback perspective having your father as your head coach and Colt McCoy as an older brother. At this point, to whom do you turn for advice on the position?

A: You know I'm living with one right now that taught us both everything we know. I spent a week in Austin this summer and threw around with Colt. I don't know if you can have a better brother-to-brother relationship than we have. We're best friends. Whenever we aren't around each other, we are constantly texting or talking on the phone. Definitely, right there is a plus, but my father is smart and knows a lot about the game. That is always a plus for a quarterback.

Q: You spend more time around a college team than many prospects, so you get more of a chance to study the next level. Is the biggest adjustment in your eyes the speed of the game or something else?

A: It really is the speed of the game. You look at a guy like Sergio Kindle and you are like wow, guys like this are who you are going to be playing against at the next level. He's a specimen. If I had to pick one thing though, it's the speed of the game that will be the biggest adjustment.

Q: What receivers impressed you at the June 7 camp?

A: All of them. We are going to have some stud receivers. When I was throwing to them, I was also going against some great defensive backs. Those guys are good too. The receivers are really good. If we can get Darius White too that would be awesome. If not, we still have a great group coming in. Chris Jones is really good. So is John Harris.

Q: Will you be mid-term graduate or play hoops next year?

A: I'm going to get all of my credits out of the way to where I can graduate if I want to, but we have a really good basketball team coming back. I've always loved basketball and have played my whole life. We are building a huge gymnasium at Graham and only lost one senior that played. It just really depends. I'm the baby of the family and my parents are already struggling with me leaving. It will come down to family and what's best for me long term.

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