Recruiting: Mohetau Talks About BYU Visit

<B>Ofa Mohetau</b> has been quietly taking care of his business as the recruiting process nears an end. He's raved about every school he's visited and is not tipping his hand. He prefers to take all four visits and then rank them from one to four.

After tripping to Arizona State (Nov. 29), Texas (Jan. 10) and BYU (Jan. 16,17,18), he now has one last official (Miami on the 24th of January) scheduled before contemplating what must be a tough decision as he eliminated dozens upon dozens of schools to come down to this group of four. And he's gone on record as stating that he's high on all four of them.

That said, many recruitniks have the feeling that BYU leads because of Ofa Mohetau's spiritual beliefs. Couple that with the fact that Cougar-related team sites are claiming Mohetau is BYU's to lose and you get an idea why anyone other than BYU fans are looking on with less hope. So, IT caught up with the Mohetau to see how everything went on his trip to Provo.

"I just kind of kicked it with the younger guys, you know, with some of the other recruits that were there this weekend on their officials," said Mohetau. "It was cool."

Of course, the nation's second-best "Big Ugly" according to's player rankings said he's had a good time almost everywhere else he has gone and added that the BYU visit went well because, "there was a good group of guys... just got to hang around a good group of people and it was a good experience."

The highlight of the trip came on Saturday. "We went to the mountains and rode some snowmobiles," he said.

That had to be really awesome. Mohetau got a kick out of that as he laughed and said, "Well, heck yeah. It was cool! It was an experience."

The Euless Trinity senior had the opportunity to meet with his BYU's offensive line coach as well as with the Cougars' head coach and had some good things to say about both of them.

"I think (BYU offensive line) coach Reynolds is a cool guy and he's very calm," Mohetau said. "And in speaking with him, I could tell that he's a good coach and a guy that probably is always calm. I would never expect anything worse than the demeanor I saw from him... he seems like he's not much into yelling. Plus, he has a son that BYU is recruiting so I got to talk to him about his dad and the way he coaches, so I think I have a pretty good idea how things might be with him."

"Coach Crowton is a lot different of a coach," the state's top offensive lineman said. "He may be kind of old, you know -- I think he's in his fifties -- so he was kind of different to me in that he acted like he was younger than you'd think. He's got a sense of humor too."

Under those parameters Mohetau must think Mack Brown is old too.

"Yeah, he's old too," the 6-3, 318-pound prospect said as he chuckled. "But Coach Brown's cool too."

As for what stood out the most about the BYU official, Mohetau said, "Would have to be the players. They're all-around good guys. One person does something, everybody does something. They got a good brotherhood going."

The 5-star bluechipper added that nobody should overreact to that comment, that it's been the same way everywhere else and that in his opinion every visit he's made thus far, he feels that the players on every team get along very well.

Asked if the three teams from major conferences such as Arizona State (Pac 10), Texas (Big 12) and Miami (Big East) owned even a small advantage over BYU, which plays in a mid-level conference, Mohetau said, "No. From an honest standpoint I don't really care how the schools are categorized. Could care less what conference they're in. Whatever field the team plays on is where the game is and that could be any one of the schools on my list."

Is Miami (Jan. 24) still going to get an official visit from you?

"Yes, they are," Mohetau said.

Have you finally figured out when you'll make your announcement?

"Yes, I have and it will be on National Signing Day and not a day sooner," Mohetau told IT.

We'll have more on Ofa Mohetau in this week's installment of the Inside Scoop!

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