Coaches Vote Texas #2 in Preseason Poll

With as much hoopla that surrounded last season's polls and votes, college football fans might have expected some more dissention among the voters in this season's preseason polls. In fact, the opposite occurred as defending national champion Florida captured 53 of 59 first place votes. Texas got four first place votes and the second spot overall.

The University of Texas finished last season as the #3 team in the country in the USA Today Coaches Poll after its 12-1 season which was capped by the Fiesta Bowl win over the Ohio State Buckeyes. The USC Trojans, also 12-1, squeezed ahead of the Longhorns for the #2 spot in the final poll.

Heading into the 2009 season, the coaches have pushed the Longhorns ahead of USC (#4) and just behind defending champion Florida Gators. The Gators received 53 of 59 first place votes. Texas got four first place votes while USC and Oklahoma each received a single first place vote.

Alabama rounded out the top five.

The Longhorns will face two other preseason top 25 teams in #3 Oklahoma on October 17 in Dallas and #11 Oklahoma State on Halloween night in Stillwater.

Nebraska is the lone other Big 12 conference school in the Top 25. Kansas, Texas Tech, and Missouri also received votes in the preseason poll.

Head Coach Mack Brown has repeated his claim that he would prefer that no polls be issued until October.

"We've been ranked among the Top 5 in the Coaches preseason poll several times recently and that's rewarding because it shows respect for our program from coaches around the country. It also is a tribute to how strong we¹ve finished in winning our last five bowl games. But, at this point, no one has earned the right to be in the upper part of the polls. I¹ve always said I think we should start the polls in October like they do with the BCS Standings. That¹s a much truer evaluation of a team because at that point you¹ve proven it on the field," Brown said on Friday.

However after last year's controversy with the BCS standings, Mack Brown still understands the value of being ranked early.

"Coach Royal told me a long time ago that preseason polls are like beauty contests, and if they're going to enter you, you want to be near the top. We¹re proud of everything we've built and the hard work our guys are putting in but also realize that the preseason ranking means nothing. We need to be sure the guys understand that where you finish at the end of the year is important; where you rank at the first of the year is simply respect," Brown said.

Preseason Top Ten
1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. USC
5. Alabama
6. Ohio State
7. Virginia Tech
8. Penn State
9. LSU
10. Ole Miss

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