Thompson talks Nike Global Challenge

Future Texas Longhorn Tristan Thompson has had a very busy summer traveling the globe. Last weekend, the five-star prospect made another trip, this time to Portland for the Nike Global Challenge. Burnt Orange Beat spoke with the talented star about his time in the Pacific Northwest.

Tristan Thompson has been battling a high ankle sprain for the better part of the summer, but has continued to play at a high level for the most part. Last weekend at the Nike Global Challenge, Thompson led Canada to a 2-1 record and averaged 19.0 points, 9.3 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.0 steals.

"I thought it went real well except for the two points that we needed to go 3-0," said Thompson. "I think I showed everybody my ability to put the ball on the floor and more of my skill set. I've been working on my skill set. I came out strong against Serbia. Against Senegal, I was doubled team from the start and tried to make plays for my teammates. Senegal scouted us and did a good job. Every time I play against a USA team, it motivates me. I went out and played very well in against USA."

The summer has had its ups and downs for the 6-8, 235-pounder due to the lingering high ankle sprain, but Thompson has played through the tightness while admitting he's not close to 100%. He thinks he has improved in certain areas.

"I think I'm like 80% right now. I think it will take a while to get back. It's tough to get it right when you play a lot and that is what I chose to do. I don't think I'll be 100% until a couple of weeks before the season starts," Thompson said.

With signing day about three months away (November 11), Thompson says he isn't having any doubts about the Longhorns and is looking forward to signing his letter of intent.

"Always. I've always been 100% to Texas and that isn't going to change. The coaches and I have built relationships and we know each other inside and out. We're very close. I'll be the first person in my family to earn a scholarship and go to college and that is special for my family. It's going to be a big for my family," Thompson said.

Speaking of the Longhorns, Thompson is also very confident about the 2009-10 team. He thinks his future teammates are going to be a true Final Four contender.

"Every other program is a little scared right now with the players that are at Texas and the guy coming in. I think the boys are going to come out this year gunning for everybody. I predict now worse than an Elite Eight this year," Thompson said.

Thompson, as has been the case since committing to Texas, is doing his best to help Texas recruit. One prospect the Longhorns have offered is Thompson's AAU and Findlay Prep teammate Corey Joseph.

"I talk to Corey about Texas. He likes Texas, but I tell him to go to the best program for him. I would love to have him at Texas, but it's his decision," Thompson said.

Thompson and Myck Kabongo will play in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 at famed Rucker Park on August 21.

Thompson will take his official visit to Texas on September 19-20 (Texas Tech football game weekend).

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