Texas leads for Leroy Scott

South Houston corner Leroy Scott is one of the top juniors in the state of Texas and nationally. The 5-11, 190-pounder has a blend of pure speed, change of direction, physicality and leaping ability that is hard to find. Burnt Orange Beat spoke to the Scott to discuss his favorites.

Leroy Scott has been on the radar since starting for the South Houston Trojans as a freshman. Even as a 15-year old, Scott showed the pure speed, change of direction, love for contact in the run force, recovery speed and leaping ability that college programs covet as a corner.

As a sophomore, the 5-11, 190-pounder with 4.45 speed tallied 65 tackles and three pass break-ups despite missing two games due to injury.

In the spring, many college programs stopped by South Houston to evaluate Scott as well as ultra talented senior defensive end Darrin Leaks. One program has made quite the impression on Scott and is the early leader for his services.

"The only camp I went to was at UT," Scott said. "UT is the school that I would say is recruiting me the hardest. They have made an impression on me. Other schools have come by or sent mail, but no one is recruiting me as hard as Texas. They are making the most effort."

While the Longhorns are sitting well with the future national 100 prospect, Scott grew up a fan of the LSU Tigers. Scott says that won't mean as much as finding the best place to showcase his talents.

"LSU was always my favorite growing up, but I'm not too sure if I'm going to go there now. Headed into my junior year, you start to get a feel for what colleges want you the most and what is the college you will be able to best showcase your talent," Scott said.

With the Trojans first live action coming on Saturday in a scrimmage against Austin High, Scott is ready to have a big junior year. Part of that will be taking more risks when the ball is in the air.

"I want to get a couple more picks under my belt. I haven't been going for picks. My coach told me to take a couple more risks this year, so I'm going to do that. My feet got a lot better this summer and now I want to improve my hands," Scott said.

When talking about what goes through his head on a play-by-play basis, Scott got excited. This is a question the confident corner loves to talk about.

"Man, I like this question. The first thing I look for before the play is their feet and socks. If they've got some good socks and shoes they are normally all right receivers. When the play starts, I look at the waist. The waist is going to tell me where they are going. I just play like basketball (denying the ball) because I'm always in man press," Scott said.

South Houston head coach C.L.Whittington, a former safety in the NFL from 1974-78 with the Houston Oilers, knows what to look for in a cornerback and says his star pupil has the talent that few naturally possess.

"Leroy can play off, he can play bump and run, he's solid on the run force and he does a whole lot of things from the outside. Leroy had some big hits this year. Big hits and cornerbacks are a rarity these days. I feel like he's a complete corner. All of the intangibles are there. He's still constantly working on technique. He has the raw ability. He's doing much better with his bump and run press coverage and that is what he likes to do. The different things technique-wise are what he needs to work on. The athletic ability is there, the body is there, the speed is there, and so it's just about constantly working on technique." Whittington said in the spring.

Scott joins up with super sophomore Kenneth Marshall to form one of the top corner duos in the state, if not the country. Marshall started on varsity as a freshman in 2008 recording 32 tackles and three pass break-ups.

Marshall, 6-0, 185-pounds, is likely to be recruited as a safety on the next level.

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