Recruiting: Washington Not Quite Ready To Announce

<I>IT</i> caught up Sunday with <B>Tim Washington</b> to see what happened on his Ohio State official.

"I never went," Washington said. "And it kind of made me upset that they didn't get back in contact with me, so I didn't go."

Washington's sittin' as the nation's No. 54-ranked player at any position and Ohio State didn't bother getting back in touch with him?

"That's right," Washington said, "and now it's between Texas and LSU."

Washington said he'd like to think it over between the two and said that he might go ahead and make a decision this week or he might wait until next week.

"You know, I would give you the pros and cons of each specific school, but I think that might tip off exactly where I'm leaning at this point," the nation's seventh-best DE told IT.

"I will say this much," Washington continued. "I enjoyed both visits very much and they both have their strong points and they're both great universities."

The state's second-ranked DE told IT that as he keeps quite about the school leading at this point, he will take as much time as he needs to make sure that that particular school is the place he wants to make what he calls "a decision of a lifetime, and not just the next four years of my life."

So what key factors is he looking at as he goes back and forth over Texas and LSU?

"Two things I'm looking at right now," Washington said as he opened up just a little. "Personnel is big with me, depth charts, the players graduating and I'm looking at the players they already have at that position. You know, if I think I'm better than them. I've told you about my foot and that I'm hoping it heals up in time and everything, but I'm thinking it will and I would like to play as a true freshman. So, personnel will be big. But it will also come down to where in my heart I really want to go. I will not have any regrets about my decision. I will go to the school that I feel in my heart is the best place for me to go."

Washington is going to enjoy the rest of his day and said he's pulling for Tampa Bay in tonight's Super Bowl because of their defense.

"I'm a defensive guy, so I pull for the team that has the best defense," he said. "That's Tampa Bay and I hope they win."

UPDATE: Washington revealed his commitment to LSU on Sunday evening:

DE picks Tigers over Longhorns

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