Recruiting: Moss 'Impressed' With Florida Visit

In a recruiting season containing several defensive end bluechips, <B>Mack Brown</B> and Co. have landed only one, <B>Tim Crowder</B>, from Tyler John Tyler. A couple of weeks ago, the Horns had four DE targets, including uncommitted prospects <B>Jarvis Moss</B> and <B>Kirston Pittman</B> who are very much still in the picture, <B>Alonzo Dotson</B> who recently pledged to OU and <B>Tim Washington</B> who gave his verbal to LSU Sunday.

Two gone, two available.

Without a doubt, securing at least one of the two remaining rush ends is imperative for UT's DE depth. Getting both may be asking a little too much, but asking for one of the two is certainly not over the top when you consider Cory Redding is already gone and Kalen Thornton is a season away from the same fate.

IT caught up with Jarvis Moss Sunday night to see how everything went on his Florida trip and where he's at in his recruitment.

"The Florida trip was pretty cool," Moss said. "I had a good time."

As for what the nation's sixth-ranked defensive end did on Friday night...

"Just went to a party and I have to say that man, it was pretty crunk," Moss said. "Just a lot of people dancin' around. It was tight."

Of course, the state's top-ranked defensive end has a girl living in Florida and was able to see her last week when he made his way to Miami on his second official visit. Any chance the two got to hook-up again?

"She came down Saturday morning and spent the night in a hotel room and left early Sunday morning," the 6-7, 210-pounder told IT.

Saturday night, Moss said he went to a club and had a good time.

"I can't remember the name of the coach, but he was cool," when asked if he spoke with Florida's DE coach. "I liked all of the coaches actually. They were all nice to me."

Ron Zook?

"To tell you the truth," Moss paused, "he kind of impressed me. And he seems like a nice dude. I wasn't sure going in to the visit how he'd be, but he's cool and is pretty up front with you. Basically, what you see is what you get."

The Florida Gator head man is known for his enthusiasm and hyper-active nature, thus appealing to a lot of high school kids. Moss was no different.

"He's energetic," the Denton Ryan prep said. "That's what I liked about him."

As for whether Moss expects to trip to FSU, he told IT, "As of now, mark me down, but things could change before now and the weekend. I'm just not sure. But at this point, I'm thinking I might go ahead and go."

Some prospects are willing to rank their official visits but Moss abstained. As we wrapped up the interview, he did add this: "I was impressed with Florida. It was a lot better than I expected it to be."

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