Recruiting: Horns Lose Another Commitment

After weeks of wavering back and forth, <B>Jimmy Sutton</B> decommitted from the Longhorns and committed to the Wolfpack after taking an official visit to N.C. State this past weekend.

"Went ahead and took the trip," Sutton told IT.

Just a few days ago, Sutton said he was going to become a Longhorn, was finished taking trips and tired of addressing rumors that he was slated for an official visit to N.C. State (Jan. 24).

"Well, I just sat down and really started thinking things over," the Boca Raton standout said. "And I wanted to go ahead and make the trip and see what I might be missing. And that trip showed me a lot. It caught my attention and really opened up my eyes."

Recent speculation had Sutton's family pushing him to stay closer to home.

"Not really," the speedster said. "For myself, I'm glad I chose N.C. State. It's a choice that works out best for me AND my family. Really, it was about my mom who wanted to be able to go see me play. I know a lot of guys on the N.C. State team because they're from the area I'm from and it would just make it easier for my mom to get a way to see me."

Sutton added, "You know, Texas is a long way from here. And it would just be hard for really any of my family to come and see me. So, some of it was because of my family, my mom especially, and there were a lot of other things about N.C. State I liked."

The trip to Raleigh, NC made an impression as well.

"First thing we did was check out the facilities and what they had planned for just the football team," Sutton said. "The football team is going to get their own fitness center that will have everything we need to work out on. We had dinner with the football team and my host was Tremaine Hall (WR/RB) who is also from Deerfield Beach which is where I'm from. And after that we went to a party and it was fun."

"I just really got to let loose for the first time in a long time and I definitely had a good time," Sutton continued. "Spent a lot of time going over the academics on Saturday and then checked out the UNC-N.C. State basketball game, which the Wolfpack won. And Sunday just chilled out with Greg Golden (corner) and Sterling Hicks (WR), guys I know and we had a good time watching the Super Bowl together.

Any conversation with UT WR coach Darryl Drake?

"Yeah, I called him around 5:00 and let him know that I wasn't going to go to Texas and that I had committed to N.C. State," Sutton told IT. "He said that he was kind of expecting it and said it was my decision and wished me good luck."

Any chance the Texas coaches will still pursue you?

"No," Sutton said authoritatively. "They know where I want to go and I want to go to N.C. State."

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