Junior update: Corsicana's Clarence Robinson

As we continue to update some of the state's top prospects, our primary focus is on receivers, defensive backs and athlete-types. And Corsicana's <B>Clarence Robinson</b> certainly fits the athlete bill.

That said, he projects as a running back/wide receiver more so than at any of the other positions.

"I've been coaching for 19 years and Clarence is the first kid I have ever coached who was ready to contribute as a freshman on the varsity level," Corsicana head coach Jeff Berry said. "He's a three-year starter for us and will be a top-100 prospect."

Robinson played the first year and a half as a wide receiver, Berry said, "all the while knowing he was eventually going to become our tailback."

"Midway through his sophomore year, he played quarterback a couple of games for us," Berry continued. "The last half of his sophomore year and his entire season as a junior, we played him at running back."

Junior Stats: 1,275 yards rushing, 16 TDs and 300 yards receiving.


"As a freshman, he won Newcomer of the Year," Berry said. "He was a 2nd-team all-district selection at running back his sophomore year (playing only half the year as a tailback) and a 1st-team all-district pick at running back his junior year."

The Corsicana running back lists at 6-0, 195-200 pounds and runs a 4.5.

"He's just a well-rounded back," Berry said. "And no doubt about it, he's six-feet tall, 200 pounds and can run like the wind. He's big, physical, strong and fast."

Berry continued to gush as he said, "He's got great hands, great speed and he's such a great receiver that he's just a tremendous asset to our offense. That's why we moved him to tailback. We don't keep him lined up in the backfield all of the time. We like to split him out and motion him all over the place. Basically, wherever we think we can get a mis-match is where we like to use him."

Simply put, Robinson is the ideal back for teams looking to use him in a single back-offense and has the size/strength/speed combo for the wideout position if colleges are looking to utilize his talents there.

As far as Robinson's strength is concerned, Berry said, "The last time we did any testing was in November, so expect these numbers (see below) to shoot up quite a bit the next time you call."

250-pound bench, 400-pound squat, 245-pound hang clean and a 225-pound power clean.

Berry said they also put Robinson back on kick and punt returns even though teams refuse to kick to him.

"He only got the chance to return three kicks," Berry said. "He totaled 58 yards on those three returns. No one punted to him. Instead, they punted to a sophomore we had back there as well and that's okay because he's pretty good in the return game too."

Don't forget about Jonte Manning because he's the next junior prospect from Corsicana that IT will be profiling.

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