Junior update: Houston Lamar's Andrew Kelson

After throwing you guys a biscuit on one Texas' best QBs of the '04 class, we return to our previous focus on standout athletes/defensive backs and wideouts. A name you will definitely want to remember is <B>Andrew Kelson</b>, a safety who balls in central Houston.

Unfortunately, following this kid is going to be rather difficult as the coaching staff at Houston Lamar believes their bluechip needs little to no publicity, citing his already mega-popularity with numerous college coaches. That said, fans of recruiting would at least like to know something about arguably the Lone Star State's top DB so IT relied on a very credible source. And because this source did not want to be identified, we'll call him Coach X.

BTW, the coaching staff at Houston Lamar said a few recruiting services did some things they were asked not to during the recruiting process of both Rod Babers and Gerome Sapp (two sensational former DBs also from Houston Lamar high school) and that essentially those services -- who will remain nameless -- basically ruined it for parties looking to apply a more ethical approach in covering the high school junior and senior prospects. And that they (Lamar coaches) prefer to handle Kelson's situation totally different than they did with lockdown corner Babers (Longhorns) and hard-hitting safety Sapp (Notre Dame).

"Kelson is about 6-2...could be 6-3," Coach X said. "Big, strong kid who weighs approximately 210 pounds and can run with the best of them."

Asked for an estimate on Kelson's forty (time) speed, our source said, "4.4/4.5"

Obviously there were no weight room numbers to report on the Lamar standout but IT was told the kid had plenty of physicality for the safety position.

Coach X also said that the Lamar defense employed a 4-4 with only three DBs, putting Kelson in a rover-type/strong-safety-type role while the other two DBs manned the corner positions. And that his responsibilities consisted of reading pass or run: On running plays: apply the necessary run support;

On passing plays: protect the deep sideline route on either side as well as make plays in the middle of the field. Essentially, Kelson is the center fielder of Lamar's D.

Our source said the future 4-/5-star bluechipper shows great anticipation at his position and is the heart and soul of Lamar's defense.

This kid was the defensive MVP of district 18-5A and also garnered a spot on the greater-Houston all-area team.

And his contribution to his team's recent (and future) success included not only his play as a rover/linebacker-type for the Lamar defense, but our source said he also punted, got carries from the tailback position and returned kicks and punts.

Sounds like a heckuva weapon...

"This kid is bigger from a projection standpoint and athletic-wise than both Gerome Sapp and Rod Babers and that's saying a lot," Coach X added. "I'm tellin' you, this kid is one of the top athletes in the country, definitely one of the top kids in the state of Texas."

And for good measure our source said Kelson also excels in both basketball (as a forward) and track, running mostly hurdles and possibly on one of the relay-teams (the 4x100).

Coach X also stated that he expected all of the who's who of college football to be in on Kelson.

Stay tuned because IT is certainly intrigued and we'll be on this kid even more in the near future. And we'll do our best to get something on this kid from one his coaches to release in this week's edition of the Inside Scoop.

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