Junior report: Fort Worth Dunbar's Bobby Tatum

Some exciting news for Orangebloods came directly from <B>Bobby Tatum</b> last night.

"I'm really beginning to like UT," Bobby Tatum told IT. "I've been getting a lot of stuff from them lately and they've really come on strong since we last spoke."

Last thing IT had on Tatum was that LSU currently led for his services followed by Ohio State, Wisconsin, A&M and Colorado, but in no particular order.

But as to be expected, things change quickly and change often in the race to National Signing Day.

"LSU is not in it anymore," Tatum explained. "I'd put Wisconsin, Colorado, Ohio State and A&M behind Texas right now. UT has moved into the top spot and I'm just liking them a lot."

Obviously, Texas is loaded at DB and because of that, you can expect a great deal of negative recruiting against the Horns from opposing schools trying to land the Dunbar stallion.

However, Tatum addressed this very issue with IT and Orangebloods have to be happy about his stance on the subject.

"That doesn't make a difference to me at all," said the 6-1, 190-pound DB who clocked a legit 4.49 at the US Army combine. "I feel like I could beat out anybody they already have."

"With my work ethic," Tatum continued, "I will come out on top, so I'm not really worried about who they (Texas) got right now."

The standout who posted an eye-popping 10'7" (House of Speed record) broad jump and 37" vertical in San Antonio reiterated that he was keeping his options open and said he plans on taking all of his visits.

Finally, after participating in the Sam Houston track meet this past Saturday, where he and teammate Davis made up one-half of Dunbar's mile-relay team (clocking the state's second-fastest time with a 3 minute, 21 second mark, but good for first at the Sam Houston meet while Dallas Kimbal at another track meet posted the state's quickest 4X400 with a 3 minute, 18 second mark), Tatum shared his thoughts on the weekend event.

"It was alright," he said. "Just like a regular track meet. Nothing big about it, so I didn't think too much of it. But we (he and Davis) had fun."

We'll have a report on Tatum's Dunbar teammate D.J. Davis soon. Tatum and Davis are not the only two kids from Dunbar -- the Fort Worth school has a few senior-to-be prospects that college coaches from across the country may want to look at such as Sean Bailey and Raycine Guillory -- but Tatum and Davis are easily the top two Dunbar athletes. And IT has been all over these two kids since they locked down two of the top five spots for best overall athlete honors this past January at the US Army Scouting Combine in San Antonio.

We'll have more on both in this week's installment of the Inside Scoop.

For more on Tatum, click here for our first report and here for the follow-up Scoop.

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