Junior report: Fort Worth Dunbar's D.J. Davis

After reporting on <B>Bobby Tatum</b> earlier today, Inside Texas now turns to his Dunbar teammate <B>D.J. Davis</b>, a standout athlete in his own right, and we have some exciting news to report pertaining to his qualification status.

Davis recently received his SAT scores, knocking it out of the way with a score of 930. Like Tatum, Davis is fully qualified and if past experience tells us anything, expect things to heat up even more on the Davis recruiting front (although four current offers isn't insignificant).

This past weekend, the Dunbar mile-relay team, with Davis a member, posted an impressive 3 minute, 21 second mark taking first place at the Sam Houston meet.

"Yeah, I looked up on the internet and saw that Dallas Kimball beat us by a few seconds for fastest in the state," the Dunbar DB told IT. "But I'm pretty sure if we ran against them, we'd kick their butt."

At that point, Davis excused himself from the phone as he and Bobby Tatum laughed hysterically, fully enjoying the recruiting process thus far.

Davis also clocked an impressive 48.5 in the 400-meter event.

"I thought I had the fastest time in the state," said Davis, "but someone in San Antonio clocked a 47-flat."

Anything sub-50 in the 1/4 mile is definitely something to write home about.

Shifting gears, although reported elsewhere that both Davis and Tatum will make A&M's junior day this Saturday, don't expect them to be there.

"I don't think we're going to be able to make it," Davis said. "We're really busy with track and everything."

As for his list of favorites...

"Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, FSU and A&M would be my top schools at this point," said Davis, who ran a (Don Bebee clocked) 4.55 40 at the US Army Scouting combine. "But I'm keeping my options open and will take all of my visits."

Look for more on D.J. Davis in this week's edition of the Inside Scoop.

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