Junior update: Bobby Tatum gets another offer

We've got more scholarship news on Bobby Tatum, as well as a few other things on the Dunbar standout. Here's the latest on <B>Bobby Tatum</B>.

"Got this letter from Oklahoma in the mail," Bobby Tatum said. "I wasn't even going to open it, but I saw the word 'Urgent' on it and decided to check it out. Earlier, they (OU) were sending me some questionnaires and letters, but this one said 'Urgent'."

"Anyway," the 6-1, 190-pound DB said, "It basically said that they saw film on me and were impressed with what they saw. And they said they were offering a full scholarship."

Perhaps looking to capitalize on the fact that the Horns have yet to offer Tatum a scholarship, Bob Stoops wasted no time in tendering a full-ride to the Dunbar athlete.

"I like Oklahoma," Tatum said. "They're up there with my favorites now. The way they play defense is straight. They just got Tony Cade and he's pretty good, but I think I could take him. He'll be sittin' on the bench if I was to go there. He's got a lot of recognition, but we'll see how he plays in college."

Obviously Tatum displays an air of confidence and doesn't necessarily see depth chart issues as anything to become preoccupied with. As a matter of fact, the kid seemingly embraces the challenge.

At any rate, Oklahoma has joined the mix with Wisconsin, Arizona, K-State and A&M. But he isn't ready to put the Sooners over the Horns for his top spot, at least at this point.

"Oklahoma definitely gained some ground," Tatum seriously contended. "They offered me something. They offered me a scholarship, that means a whole lot. They're definitely up there, but I like Texas a lot too. And they still hold the No.1 spot."

Orangebloods may like the sound of that, but it was clear in talking to Tatum that the Sooners vaulted from virtually nowhere straight to near the top of Tatum's list of faves. And though he lists Texas as holding down the top spot, Mack and Co.'s lead over Stoops and staff is not that substantial as the Sooners clearly sit at No. 2 and seemingly well ahead of everyone else in their quest to pluck the state's most impressive DB (from a physical/size/speed ratio).

As for track...

This past Saturday, Tatum's Dunbar track team took first in both the sprint relay (with a time of 3 minutes, 21 seconds) and mile relay (with a time of 48.93). Tatum took second in the 400 meter event with a 48.93, while teammate D.J. Davis -- in a photo-finish -- took first with a 48.92. These were clocked using the fully automatic method as opposed to hand-held times. Fully automatic is what track officials use at regional and state track meets to determine the actual time.

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