Junior update: D.J. Davis gets an offer

After <B>D.J. Davis</B> returned Saturday from his team's track meet at Clark Field in Fort Worth, he phoned IT with the results and some scholarship offer news. And things are beginning to heat up for both him and teammate <B>Bobby Tatum</B>, who we reported on Sunday.

Inside Texas: How did you do?

D.J. Davis: I ran a 48.92 taking first in this weekend's 400-meter event.

IT: I just got off the phone with Bobby Tatum and he said you beat him in the 400 meters. Talk a little bit about that.

DJD: I used to beat him all of the time, but last year he did a lot different things to improve himself and I didn't. So, he started beating me in every race. This past off-season I've been working big-time on my training to get even better. And I finally beat Bobby.

IT: Competition is always a good thing in terms of improving your skills as well as the people around you. Talk a little bit about how you and Bobby (Tatum) have kept things in perspective while pushing each other to get better.

DJD: Well, we're like the top 400 (meter) guys in Texas. We're always running against each other, testing each other, trying to better ourselves. We don't really care who wins this week or next week, we're all about getting ourselves where we need to be.

IT: Let's talk about the 'ship offer you recently landed.

DJD: Coach (Nick) Saban called me recently at my high school and said, "We really want you at LSU and think you could be a big-time impact not only athletically but academically at our school." And then he asked me what position I was looking to play and I told him DB. He said, "Can you be more specific?" And I said, "Well coach, I'd like to play corner or safety." He told me that that sounded really good because they had a lot of senior corners and safeties they were going to need to replace. Then he asked me, "Well how do you feel about LSU offering you a scholarship?" And I told him it sounded good and that I liked that. He also wanted to know if I had any interest in going to their school and I did, so I told him, "Yes".

IT: Sounds as if Saban wants to offer you a scholarship.

DJD: Well, when I got back in from the (track) meet today, I had a Fed Ex package waiting for me.

IT: Scholarship offer from LSU?

DJD: Yes, they're offering me a full-ride scholarship and Coach Saban wrote a letter basically saying that they really wanted me to be in their program.

IT: I guess so. Let me ask you this, what do you really think about LSU?

DJD: I went to one of their camps and saw some beautiful women and thought they had a pretty nice campus, but I'm sure a lot of other campuses have the same things too. But I'm definitely happy about the offer and I may go there. It's just too early to say for sure how much I like them right now.

IT: Your listing a lot of northern schools, does that put LSU out?

DJD: No, actually it gives them a little advantage because I like the warm-weather schools. Plus, LSU is closer to home, so that's a plus.

IT: I noticed you mentioned Penn State as your early leader, yet they haven't offered you a scholarship.

DJD: No, they haven't. And I might be dropping them in the future, but I'll keep them in the top, for now.

IT: You seem to have a liking for Florida (the state, weather, etc.).

DJD: I wouldn't mind it at all if (the University of) Florida came calling, but I would prefer to go to Miami or FSU.

IT: How realistic is that?

DJD: I don't know. I know those three schools recruit the Florida area pretty hard, but if they were to offer me, I'd strongly consider those schools, especially FSU.

IT: Thanks a lot for the interview D.J. and one last question. At this point, you kind of have your list looking different from what we talked about last week (Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, FSU and A&M). Care to make any changes?

DJD: No, not at this time. I'll probably be doing a lot of back-and-forth with a lot of the schools in my top five and schools like LSU who just offered me, so just keep it that way for now. I'll have something for you the next time.

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