Hoops recruiting: Q & A With Daniel Gibson

Last week Daniel Gibson selected the Texas Longhorns over a host of interested parties. We caught up with the future Longhorn on Sunday in this Q and A session.

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Daniel Gibson, according to his father, has been going to Texas Basketball Camps ever since he was little. The Longhorns won the recruiting battle for him last week. We talked to Gibson on Sunday evening about his recruitment.

Daniel, when did you know for sure it was Texas?

"At first I thought I knew before but I didn't really decide until the night before the announcement."

What were you contemplating back and forth?

"When I went on the visit to Kansas they have everything you look for and everything I wanted."

Well, what clinched it for Texas?

"They both had the same but Texas was the home school and that probably put them over the top."

Did TJ Ford's success have anything to do with it?

"You could probably say a little bit. At first "T" couldn't shoot but now he's the player everyone thought he was. So, they must have a good development program there."

How key was Rick Barnes in the process?

"He was real key. When I met him and you see him on TV he seems like someone like a superstar. When I met him and talked to him he was down to earth, cracked jokes and I felt like I could get along with him real good."

Is Texas now the No. 1 option for the in-state kids?

"Looking at the success they are having it should be. I'm hoping it is."

Who are the three best guards in the Class of 2004?

"Excluding me?"


"I've never seen Sebastian but I heard enough. Probably him, Darius Washington and Shaun Livingston. I saw a little of Washington but I played against Livingston. He's 6-6 and that doesn't hurt. He can handle the rock."

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