Commit report: In-depth with Derek Lokey

<B>Derek Lokey</b> of Denton Ryan High School gave his word to <B>Mack Brown</b> Tuesday that the only team he wanted to play for is the Texas Longhorns.

"Well, I just always wanted to go to Texas," the 6-2, 250-pound DT told IT Tuesday evening. "It was my number one choice. I had already looked around at some of the other different campuses and saw what I needed to see. Texas fits me best."

District 6-4A's Newcomer of the Year (as a junior) nabbed 1st-team all-district, all-area and all-state honors primarily due to what can only be called a fantastic junior campaign from a production standpoint as he led his team's drive to a state championship.

Stats: 148 tackles, 17 sacks, 6 FCs, 4 FRs and 3 tipped passes.

Bloodlines: Father played MLB and was an All-American for Stephen F. Austin back in '88. Also had an uncle who played offensive guard for Stephen F. Austin in the early 90s.

And get a load of the kid's strength numbers:

"I have a 400 bench, 345 incline bench, 525 squat and a 315 power clean," Lokey said.

Numbers like that essentially mean you're seeing a kid who not only has a strong sense of self-discipline but someone who is goal-oriented as well.

"I've definitely been workin' at," said Lokey, who's probably one of the strongest defensive lineman in this year's class. "It's a hobby, something I love to do."

"Ever since my eighth-grade year," the Longhorn verbal continued, "my father would get me up in the mornings to work out with me. We do it together and we're still doing it now. It's something I take pride in and appreciate you noticing."

"When I get to the Texas campus, I plan on benching 450 and having a 600-pound squat," Lokey added. "With over a year to get there, I think it's very realistic. And once I get to Texas, I'm really excited about getting the opportunity to work out with Coach Madden."

Kid is driven, something I'm sure was not lost on the Texas coaching staff.

Tully Janszen is a comparison floating around, perhaps to describe the kid's intensity, but his strength puts him on target to equal or surpass Chase Pittman, Rodrique Wright and Larry Dibbles' numbers.

Texas fans can now let out a collective "ahhhhhh", while opponents can let out a collective (gulp).

"Actually, my father said that when he went down to Austin with all of the other Texas High School coaches to meet with UT's coaching staff that some of the defensive coaches told him that I reminded them of Tully Janszen, which I take as a compliment," the Denton Ryan prep said. "I'm not sure which defensive coaches told my father that, but he said they told him that they were looking for quicker tackles in the mold of Tully Janszen."

With the Horns' lack of depth at DEs, could Carl Reese use the kid on the edge?

"No, I'll be playing defensive tackle," Lokey confidently said. "I need to add some more weight, but I'll be a DT."

Adding weight is not always good if it compromises speed.

"Oh, I'll be adding good weight, no fatty stuff, just good lean muscle," said the fitness fanatic. "And I'll be working out on a number of different agility drills as well as my hand quickness."

According to Lokey, he's already working on things such as ladders, running up a steep hill, explosion techniques and pulling sleds and all kinds of "crazy stuff" like that. The hand quickness is where he faces a man-on-man and after the partner puts his hands in his chest, Lokey slaps them away utilizing the famous "Reggie White" club move as he then swims over with the other arm.

Matched up against his opponent in a game, he looks to bull rush the smaller guys and throws an assortment of swim, rips and club moves as well as head-fakes and slots to get past his opponent.

With Ryan teammate and DE standout Jarvis Moss moving on to the Sunshine State and with two senior linebackers departing as well, blue-collar guys like Lokey will be asked to man-up and become the team's new leaders.

"That's definitely something I want to do," the highly regarded DT said. "I've always led by example, but I'm being asked to be more vocal by our coaching staff and it's definitely something I'm looking forward to doing and a role I feel comfortable in assuming."

Lokey is already accustomed to that role as he picked it up defensively when Moss went down last fall with a groin injury. And he thinks that this year's Ryan D could be even better than last year's state championship version.

When goalline situations arose, Lokey came in at the tight end position, effectively providing the Raiders' offense another massive tackle for opponents to match-up against.

"Yeah, I never really got that many balls in that situation," Lokey said as he chuckled. "Ninety percent of the time we don't even use a TE, but when we need one, I fill that role."

With a 4.52 GPA and 1300 SAT, Lokey fits UT's true student-athlete profile.

Houston had extended the first offer with Texas jumping into the picture Tuesday, followed by SMU.

"It was early, so..."

Self-explanatory. The lack of substantial early offers should not be seen as an indictment of Lokey's abilities. The kid's almost certainly a future 4-/5-star bluechipper.

As for how and when he got noticed, Lokey told IT, "Texas was around Jarvis a lot and that's when they recognized me. Of course, they weren't able to talk to me, but Jarvis opened up a lot of doors for me in that aspect. And I'm sure they got to see a lot of film on me because of him."

"There's no other place I'd rather be," Lokey said when asked just how firm his commitment to Texas is. "I talked with Mack Brown and let him know that I was committed to him and really wanted to be a Longhorn. As I said earlier, I've been around several other campuses and Texas was where I wanted to go. They have the best facilities, the best coaching staff and was really where I was intent on going before they even offered."

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