Commit report: Round Rock Westwood's Greg Dolan

And the <B>Mack Brown</b> 2004 model (recruiting) wagon begins to roll. IT caught up with Round Rock Westwood right tackle <B>Greg Dolan</b> about his decision to pull the commitment trigger, as well as Westwood assistant offensive line coach <B>Pastrick</b> about his star pupil.

"Hook 'em Horns," an excited Dolan told IT to tell the Longhorn Nation.

As for why he committed to Texas, the standout OT said, "I really like Texas. And they were the first school to send me anything. I'll never forget it. They sent me this big package when I was a sophomore. It was before the second game of our season at our pregame meal when Coach Campbell (Westwood's O-line general who is renowned for his extensive knowledge in zone blocking and is frequently asked to speak around the country) took me out in the hallway and said he had some exciting news to share with me. And that's when he gave me the package. I opened it and was pretty happy."

"He's 6-7.5, 270, 5.1 and was a 1st-team all-district selection," assistant line coach Pastrick told IT. "He benches 315, squats 365 and has a power clean of 285. And I don't believe he allowed a sack all season. Might have had a couple of holding penalties, but that's it."

Dolan said he's 6-7, 265/270 and can run a 5-flat as he said that he was recently timed in the forty at the Pflugerville combine and has quickened his forty time by a tenth of a second.

Mac McWhorter, the Texas O-line drill sergeant, had some nice praise for the Dolan.

"He said he likes me because I can move better than some of the guys he already has," the 6-7 right tackle said. "He said he's trying to get some of the guys that have a lot of weight to slim down to the 320-pound range. Plus, he doesn't have to worry about my weight other than to add some pounds which won't be hard to do. He also said that there's no limit to what I might be able to do."

Thoughts on McWhorter?

"Great guy, real positive all of the time," Dolan said. "And I first met Coach McWhorter at last year's (Texas) summer camp and I think he just knows a lot. Actually know his son who goes to our school."

Of course, McWhorter won't hesitate to drop the hammer on his troops while trying to get them to be the best they can be and Dolan has a good understanding of that already.

"I know he isn't going to try to make me feel bad or anything like that," Dolan said. "He's all about trying to make you better. Plus, I'm already used to that in-your-face approach because Coach Campbell is the same way. He will get in your face and let you know what you're doing wrong, and that's just part of it."

Pastrick on Campbell: "He's been around. He's coached on the college and high school level from California to Texas. He's one of the top speakers on zone blocking, option, midline option. His knowledge of zone blocking and everything else is widely known."

IT will have more in this week's edition of the Inside Scoop. Until then, don't worry about whether the Westwood prep is solid in his commitment. "I like wearing Burnt Orange," Dolan told IT. "And I can't see myself going anywhere else! I've been a Texas fan for ten years!"

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