Spring FB: Older, Wiser D-Line Will Be On The Move

Head coach <B>Mack Brown</b> not only wants his defense to be quicker, he wants them to be trickier. (Oh, and tackle better.) For now, you can expect the defensive front will be moving, shifting and stemming more than in seasons past to gain the upper hand against offensive linemen.

"We're stemming more because we feel like that's something every offensive line coach in America hates," Brown said. "It's something quarterbacks hate to see. We did it some early (first season) when we were here when we had some older guys. We've been young at the position (DE, DT) last year, so we haven't done it as much. We're trying to get it with (DTs) Marcus Tubbs and Rodrique Wright. Then we've got younger guys like (redshirt freshman) Tully Janszen, and those guys are smart enough."

The bottom line, "They're trying to move enough to screw up the front."

Last season, it was defensive ends by committee with Austin Sendlein, Bryan Pickryl and Kaelen Jakes subbing for stud Kalen Thornton as he battled leg injuries throughout the season. Jakes is now listed behind Thornton after seeing action in four games last season,

In addition, Brown has said for months that he wants the secondary to do a better job of disguising its coverage, particularly playing more zone but disguising it to look like man-to-man.

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