Commit report: Texarkana WR Nathan Jones

One defensive tackle down. One offensive tackle down. And now? Well, let's just add a bluechip wide receiver by the name of <B>Nathan Jones</b> to the Horns' list of early commits. <B>Mack Brown</b> and Co. didn't waste anytime in garnering a pledge from the Texarkana stud, one of the state's top '04 wideout prospects, as he elected to end the suspense early by opting for the Burnt Orange.

"Texas was always my first choice," Jones told IT when asked why he verballed to the Horns. "Been liking them for a long time and have been holding down for them to see if they wanted me. And Coach Brown was real nice when we spoke, asking about my family and stuff. And he said that it seemed like I wanted to be a Longhorn and he wanted to know if I was interested in becoming a Longhorn. And I was."

"It felt like I had just won a million dollars when I got the scholarship offer from Texas," said the all-state pick with a great deal of enthusiasm in his voice.

Claiming scholarship offers from both OU and Texas Tech, Jones said that he's looking forward to playing in Davis' offense because it's similar to the O run at Texas High.

He also said that Texas needed some receivers to come in and step up with Roy Williams, B.J. Johnson and Sloan Thomas on their way out after the '03 season.

"They have some good young receivers too, but they got some big shoes to fill," Jones told IT. "I'm not sure what kind of terminology they (Texas) use there, but I guess I'm going to have to learn that more than anything. I'm just going to have to go down there and get used to it. But they basically do what we do. They run the pro set, single back, 4-wide and 5-wide, so it'll just be a matter of me learning the terminology. Once, I get a handle on that, I'll be looking to fill some shoes as well."

"Watching Roy and B.J. on TV, I learned a little from them," Jones continued. "Roy's just big and strong and doesn't have to do a whole lot to get open, so I spent more time watching B.J. We're about the same height and so I would watch how he was able to keep the defender off of him."

"I'd like to get another couple of inches on me too," the all-state pick at free safety as a sophomore said. "I want to play at 6-3. I'm about 6-1 now, but watching Texas use B.J. in their offense, it made me think that they'll give me a chance to show my stuff. You know, you see a lot of teams going for the 6-3 and 6-4 guys, but Texas will also go after guys my size and give you a chance to make plays."

Jones said that Nathan Vasher lives right down the street and around the corner from him and that every time he comes back to visit, the two of them would talk about Texas.

"He just told me that if Texas comes after me, not to mess around if I really wanted to go there," Jones explained. "And he said, 'If Texas offers you, you better take it.'"

When asked to describe his game, the standout prep said: "I'm fast, got good speed and I'm very athletic. I run good routes, know how to keep the defender off of me... I can do it all."

Jones said that his goal was to win back-to-back state championships this year and thinks he and his team will be up to task.

As for what he's working on right now, "I want to improve my speed, release, forty time, my routes, basically everything," Jones told IT. "I told my coach that no one was going to be able to hold me this year. He said, 'Nate, you gotta do what you gotta do'."

Make no mistake, "Nate's" going to do what "Nate's" gotta do.

We'll have more in the Scoop later today! Plus, check out the last two Scoops and our report on Jones from last week for even more info on the newest Longhorn.

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