Catching up with Edmond

LonghornDigest caught up with Daingerfield (Texas) Daingerfield High 5-star linebacker and Texas commit Steve Edmond. Read the update below to get the latest on Edmond's summer plans and possible visits to UT.

LonghornDigest caught up with five-star linebacker and Texas commit Steve Edmond to get the latest on him. The 6-foot-3, 235-pound blue-chip defender plans on working hard both on and off the field this summer before the start of his senior season.

"This summer I'm focusing on hitting the weight room and I'm going to be taking summer classes to try and raise my GPA," said Edmond.

The five-star linebacker says he currently has a 2.5 GPA but plans on raising it by taking a few classes this summer.

"Right now I have a 2.5 but I'm trying to get it to a 3.0 by the end of summer. If you get a 3.0 then you only need to get a 15 on the ACT."

Edmond also plans on spending a lot of time in the gym this summer to try and improve him self physically.

"The main thing I'm doing is trying to get faster. I've been doing more running than anything else and exercises to improve my quickness."

The Daingerfield standout attended the Texas camp in Austin a few weeks ago and got a chance to talk to some of the other prospects that are being recruited by the Longhorns coaching staff.

"I got a chance to talk to Anthony Wallace during the camp. He said that he likes Texas but isn't sure where he wants to go yet. I also talked to (David) Jenkins, he likes Texas a lot too."

Like most of the nation, Edmond had been monitoring the "conference expansion" situation with Texas. The Daingerfield linebacker was happy that the Longhorns turned down the Pac-10 and opted to stay in the Big-12.

"I wanted them to stay because of the tradition in the Big-12. Also, I wouldn't want to fly across the country to play a California team every year."

Edmond won't be attending any more camps this summer but he plans on making it to at least one game this fall.

"I want to come see the Texas/Oklahoma game in Dallas and maybe a game in Austin too."

He finished his junior season with 182 tackles, 2 interceptions and three defensive touchdowns.

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