'Every Play, Every Day'

Texas Coach Mack Brown met with members of the media Thursday on the final day of two-a-days. Brown postponed talking about specific players or the depth chart until Monday, when the chart will be made public.

* Team motto

With an inexperienced team, Brown said it was important for the Longhorns to give their all at every opportunity. The team agreed, coining "Every play, every day" as the team slogan for the 2010 football season.

* No full roster

When the Longhorns do release their depth chart, several players will be missing.

Tray Allen, D.J. Grant, Blaine Irby, Demarco Cobbs and Tevin Jackson were ruled out of the Rice lineup because of injuries.

Brown said Irby was improving, but said he wasn't sure when the tight end would be back in the lineup. Allen's return date is also up in the air. Cobbs has been plagued by a pesky hamstring, while Jackson has reaggravated a previous wrist injury.

In addition, Paden Kelley and Vondrell McGee won't make the trip next week after breaking team rules. Both will be back by the Wyoming game.

* NCAA rule changes

Brown talked about several recently approved NCAA rules, from the elimination of paper media guides (they'll still be available on-line) to a rule not allowing written offers to any high-schooler before Aug. 1 of their senior year. Neither should have a large impact on Texas, Brown said. Another new rule, eliminating wedges on kickoff returns, shouldn't harm the Longhorns.

One rule that could affect the Longhorns is one that doesn't allow any player flexed off the football, be it a receiver or tight end, to block a player below the waist back toward the ball if he is within a 10-yard radius of the football. While the most obvious hindrance would come in an option offense like Georgia Tech's, where receivers routinely cut-block players at the second level, Brown said it would also hurt receivers trying to block for bubble screens.

"Usually the rules have been advantages for the offense. To me, that is a huge advantage for the defense," Brown said. "Now the safety part of it is that they won't be cutting linebackers' legs but now, also, you've got a bubble screen and there's a crack-back and you've got a 240-pound linebacker and a 165-pound receiver trying to block him ... I said trying. Ain't going to be good, brother.

"Any perimeter plays it affects," Brown said. "Usually, your explosive plays on offense are because people block downfield, and your receivers are keys to perimeter explosive plays. I think we'll see fewer."

* Inexperienced offensive line

Brown said that the offensive line only boasted four players -- Kyle Hix, Michael Huey, David Snow and Britt Mitchell -- who have any significant playing experience. That means that at least one starter, as well as several key reserves, will be newcomers.

Still, Brown said he was encouraged by the line's blocking in Texas's downhill running game. He said that both Hix and Huey had shown signs of dominance.

* On the freshmen

Brown said the freshman class could produce as many instant players as any other freshman class in his Austin tenure.

"It's a bright group, it's a smart group," Brown said. "We're trying to do a better job recruiting and trying to find maturity."

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