Recruiting update: Longview's Tate Casey-part 2

In part 2 of our report on Tate Casey, the state's top TE prospect will answer the question of what may be in his short-term plans. Tate also lists his (subject to change) top six schools, a couple more who are beginning to come on strong and talks about what he could bring to the team that signs him, and more.

So, what's on the horizon for Casey?

The Longview TE is hoping to make the trip to Austin (Mar. 28-30) where he'll be able to size up The University the weekend of the Spring Game and a Texas-Texas Tech baseball series at the Disch.

"Yeah, I spoke to my baseball coach and he said if we continue to do well in distrcit play (8-3 as of now) then he may let me miss a game in order to make the trip to Austin," Casey said.

He might?

"Well, he's my coach and he might need me. But it's looking like I should be able to make the trip, we just have to keep winning."

"I would be pretty disappointed if I wasn't able to go," Casey revealed. "I mean, my brother said his girfriend goes there and I might could spend the night in her sorority house..."


"Yeah," Casey said with a sly hint of mischief in his voice, "And I kind of would like to do that if you know what I mean."


"Plus, with Texas playing against Tech and the chance to sit down with Coach Brown and the other coaches, I'd really like to go."

For the love of mankind, let the kid make the trip!

So who else finds a spot on the list of faves for the state's top TE prospect?

"In this order, I like Texas, Texas Tech, LSU, Notre Dame, Arkansas and Oklahoma State," Casey said. "But there's a lot more schools showing interest than that. Recently, OU and Colorado have been really coming on strong."

IT has Casey listed at 6-6, 220 pounds with a 4.8 forty and we asked Casey for his opinion regarding those measurements.

"Yeah, that's right," Casey confirmed. "But I might say that I'm a little closer to 6-6 and a half."

As for whether or not he'll play any defense this year, Casey said that he might get a shot at playing linebacker, if not DE.

"I've been talking to the defensive coordinator a lot about that," the 6-6, 220 pound DE said. "And I'm telling him that I really, really want to play some D. He told me, 'No guarantees', but that he was definitely considering it. And he said that they might use me as a rover-type of linebacker but still let me rush the passer. All I know is that I hope to see the field on D."

On the O, Casey's quick enough that he's moved from the regular TE position to the slot at different moments throughout the game. At 6-6, he creates a lot of match-up problems for opposing secondaries when he flexes out. D-coordinators are not always able to make the necessary substitutions as he can literally line up out there at any given moment. That's definitely something Longview head coach Pat Collins makes good use of.

David Thomas can also be used in that same manner for Greg Davis' O. In fact, Thomas was often flexed out, but not needed as often in the run game. As he continues to get bigger and stronger (needed for the run game) Thomas will see less substitutions. Essentially, that's what makes Casey such an attractive TE. He has that type of potential, not to mention ridiculous 6-6 TE height. Playing at 260 pounds doesn't look like it's more than a year or two away for this kid.

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