How Mack Brown Spent His Spring Break

Trout fishing.

That’s what Texas head football coach Mack Brown responded when a member of the media asked Monday how he spent his Spring Break. (Some sports journalists apparently believed him.)

But the truth is out there…

"I watched film; that’s what we do," Brown said.

Which film, coach? ‘The Hours?’ Sure, as in hours and hours of spring training video.

Some coaches travel together, if only to observe other programs -- as did the Oregon Ducks defensive staff, Brown’s guests at practice Monday.

"We don’t get to go visit other places because we don‘t have time," Brown said, "but you have that break in the middle (of spring drills) that gives you a chance to watch every play of the first eight days so you’ll come back knowing exactly what you’ve got. Sometimes you can go so fast at spring practice that you don’t get to study film enough. It’s a great evaluation time for us."

Other than focusing on personnel, the film critic said the new additions in the offensive package were particularly Oscar-worthy.

"I like our misdirection plays, I like moving the pocket more, I like the draws we’re looking at, and I like our option plays," Brown said. "I’m pleased with the few things that we’ve changed to help our offense."

Defensively, the new wrinkles (also reviewed on film) have involved disguising coverage in the secondary and more stemming from the D-line.

"Those are things we wanted to do," Brown said. "And, so far, I’ve been really pleased with our kicking game."

Trout fishing? This time of year, only if the fish are biting in Waller Creek.

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