Lynn Bowden Eager To Hear More From Toledo

The athletic and explosive Lynn Bowden is one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the Midwest. However, Bowden wants to hear more from Toledo.

2017 Youngstown, OH (Warren G Harding) athlete Lynn Bowden made a lot of headlines a few months ago when he committed to Indiana. Bowden, a top Midwest prospect, doesn’t normally commit to programs like Indiana. However, that commitment did not last very long because only about two months later Bowden backed out of that commitment to the Hoosiers and now is back on the recruiting market.

Before Bowden committed to Indiana, he was a major target for the Toledo coaching staff and was being pursued hard. Since he decommitted from Indiana, Toledo has backed off of the talented Midwest prospect. However, Bowden would like to hear more from the Rockets.

“I like Toledo a lot, but it seems as if they stop looking at me for reasons I don’t know,” Bowden said about Toledo. “I would like to know why so I can fix it. Last time they actually contacted me was a while back. I want them to reestablish that contact.”

Even though Bowden hasn’t heard a lot from the Toledo coaching staff, he is still heavily considering the Rockets and likes them a lot.

“I like Toledo a lot, even though they haven’t been in much contact with me, I am still considering them. I like Toledo because of Coach Candle and I trust him, he is a nice dude and a good coach, he's just a straight forward dude.”

Bowden would like to get up to Toledo and talk to the coaching staff so he can clear some things up and start to build that previous bond that he had with the coaching staff.

“I want to get up to Toledo for a visit, so I can talk to the coaching staff. I mean I haven't heard from them to give me a date, but I would like to visit this summer.”

Bowden is fresh off a visit to Penn State on May 31st, he has a lot of interest in a bunch of schools and is receiving interest from many programs.

“I am hearing from West Virginia, Penn State, Michigan State, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee the most. However, Michigan State and Penn State are pushing the hardest for me. If Toledo started to get in contact with me they would be a top school.”

I am not sure why Toledo stopped recruiting Bowden, I will do some digging over the next few days and post a note on the board if I can find something. However, if the Rockets do start to recruit Bowden, they have a good shot within his recruitment.

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