Sean Blue Recaps Toledo Camp, Talks Leader

2018 Toledo, OH (Central Catholic) CB/WR Sean Blue names Toledo his leader, behind Purdue and talks recent Toledo visit.

Toledo’s football camp tour continues to roll on over the summer as they evaluate local and Midwest prospects. On Sunday, the coaching staff hosted another one of their camps on campus, this time it was for a 7-on-7 tournament. One of the top performers at Toledo’s 7-on-7 camp was 2018 Toledo, OH (Central Catholic) CB/WR Sean Blue.

“The camp was great, I played both sides of the ball,” Blue said about the Toledo camp. “A lot of competition from teams I've never seen before and just me and my team trying to getting better. The camp started at eleven, but our day was over at about two o’clock, we didn't make it to tournament play. However, we won a few games. Michael Warren and Troy Durden our quarterback was there too.”

Blue also had a chance to play and compete in front of the Toledo coaching staff, including Toledo’s receivers coach Derek Sage for a few hours. Blue’s potential future position coach if he were to decide to go to Toledo.

“I did not get to visit the campus today, but I did talk to Coach Sage after my team was done playing. We just talked about my performance today and how I played and to keep in touch with him. He really did not talk about recruiting and he told me that he will keep a(n) I on me.”

This was the second time in the month of June that Blue has been on Toledo’s campus. Back on June 3rd, he attended Toledo’s football camp in The Glass Bowl and on Sunday he went for the 7-on-7 camp. Now, he is one of Toledo’s top targets in the 2018 class, you have to imagine that an offer will be coming soon.

“I'm not sure if an offer is coming, I've been talking to Toledo since about January, I've been performing good so in my eyes I think I'm really close to getting offered. I'd be very excited if Toledo offered me. Just to know that all the hard work has paid off. They'd be on the top of my list for sure they've been showing me the most interest too. I think it would be great to play for my hometown college football team.”

The coaching staff has been on Blue for quite sometime now. However, so has Purdue, both Toledo and Purdue have been recruiting Blue hard. As a result, they both are within Blue’s top two list of schools and are in good position early on.

“Toledo is definitely top two for sure they will always be at the top of my recruiting board. I say top two because they show a lot of interest and it's easy to get in contact with them and talk to the coaches since the campus is right down the street from where I live. Purdue was the first school that showed me interest. I started talking to Purdue before my sophomore season started and they've still been showing me interest. However, Toledo I'd say would be my slight leader, I really love the football team and the campus. My dad went to UT as a student as well.”

Blue plans to visit Toledo once again this summer, his exact words were “soon.” The Rockets are in great position for a likely four-star prospect down the road in the 2018 class. I do expect Blue to blow up a little, but Toledo will be a factor until the end. 

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