Get to Know Toledo Commit, Devonte Dunn Away from the Football Field

Get to know Toledo Football commit, Devonte Dunn out of La Grange Park, Illinois. Dunn has been committed to the Rockets since April 23 and is one of the best defensive tackles in the Midwest region.

Toledo Scout publisher, Zach Harig asks Toledo commit Devonte Dunn questions, which may not have much to do with football.

What sport would you play if you didn't play football and why?

Devonte: "Basketball because I've been playing since I was four and I really enjoy the game, I have killer three-point range (laughing)."

Who are your biggest role models and why?

Devonte: "Definitely my parents. My parents struggled with money to get me through private school but always managed to make me happy. I remember when I was in the car with my parents and they asked me what I want to be when I grow up and I told them I wanted to go to the NFL and ever since then they've done everything in their power to make my dream come true. Especially going to a great college to play Division-I football. My dad taught me everything that I needed in life and always pushed me to become a great athlete and a better student in school. My mom and I are like best friends. She would do anything to make me happy. She spoiled me when I was little, she would always push me to do better in school and definitely pushed me to workout and become a better athlete. My parents are my role models and better yet, my heroes."

What's your best and/or funniest story about Coach Candle?

Devonte: "Before I committed to Toledo, Michigan State was planning on offering me. But I already knew that I was going to commit to Toledo. And then we had Coach Candle step out of his office so my parents and I could talk about it to make sure this was the school I wanted to go to. My dad talked to Coach Candle and he told him and Coach Discher and Coach George that Michigan State was planning on offering me. My dad said that they got that look like "Oh no, we might lose him," and then once we were ready for Coach Candle to come back in, my mom, my sister, and I had Toledo gear on and he got really happy and was really shocked. It was a great day. Then Coach Robinson came out of nowhere and jumped on me so I had to catch him (laughing)."

Favorite TV Show?

Devonte: "The Walking Dead."

You're stranded on an island - you can bring three things. What are they?

Devonte: "Food. Water. And a helicopter to get off of the island."

What's the most important life lesson you've ever been taught?

Devonte: "Live life and cherish every second of it."

Who's the most famous person you've ever met and what was the encounter like?

Devonte: "Desmond Clark. I met him at a college camp. It was pretty cool, he gave me some tips and worked us out."

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