Get to Know Toledo Commit, Tycen Anderson Away from the Football Field

Toledo St. John's Jesuit defensive back, Tycen Anderson has been committed to the Rockets since March. Now, we get to know him beyond the football field in our Commit Chatter: Q & A segment.

Toledo Scout publisher, Zach Harig talks with Toledo football commit, Tycen Anderson in a new edition of Commit Chatter: Q & A.

"If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Tycen: "Chicken and smothered potatoes."

"What is your favorite fast food restaurant?"

Tycen: "Chick-Fil-A."

"Your Favorite Three Artists/Bands right now?"

Tycen: "Kodak Black, Lil Wayne, and Eminem."

"Who is your role model and why?"

Tycen: "My dad because he's the hardest working guy I know and he is always positive and very determined!"

"What's the most important thing that you've learned from your dad?"

Tycen: "Never take anything for granted because someone can have it a lot worse than you."

"If you weren't playing College Football, what sport would you play and why?"

Tycen: "Track because I did it in high school and went to the state meet in Columbus three years in a row."

"You're stranded on an island, you can only bring three things - what are they and why?"

Tycen: "A knife to kill animals, metal bucket to collect water and boil the bacteria out of it, and a fire starting kit so I won't freeze to death during the night."

"What is your favorite school subject?"

Tycen: "Math, it just comes easy to me."

"Aside from the NFL, what team are you the biggest fan of?"

Tycen: "The Cleveland Cavaliers, I'm just a huge LeBron fan."

"What's something people don't know about you?"

Tycen: "I wanted to be a chef when I was younger, but that dream died out about seven years ago. Also, I loved Bob the Builder when I was a kid and was scared of Cat in the Hat for about a year when I was younger."

"What is your favorite movie? Then give us your favorite Christmas movie."

Tycen: "Boys in the Hood and The Grinch."

"Favorite Actor?"

Tycen: "Will Smith because I like the movie 'I Am Legend'!"

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