Pittsburgh Product Saeed Holt Signs with Toledo

In the Pittsburgh area, Saeed Holt was very well-known. Toledo could have another great find, here's what we know:

Woodland Hills High School product, Saeed Holt is very well known in the Pittsburgh area as he keeps the Pittsburgh to Toledo pipeline alive. Holt is a very quick and agile safety who is a true ball hawk. At six-foot, 190-pounds, Holt hasn't gotten the recognition that several other players have gotten in the 2017 class. However, Holt does not shy away from bigger players and is not afraid of contact. Holt was also a runningback at Woodland Hills and has good balance but might need to get a bit quicker to play defensive back at the next level. In high school, Holt crept into the box frequently to blitz off of the edge. He might become a great find as a nickel or dime, similar to a Josh Teachey of the 2015 signing class at Toledo.


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