Speaking with Joe Gaglione

With a defense that has struggled through much of the 2007 season, it's no question that Toledo would like to add depth to its defense in the class of 2008. One player who is looking at Toledo is linebacker Joe Gaglione. Rocket Digest caught up with Joe to see how recruiting is going along with where his interests with Toledo stands.

Rocket Digest spoke wih Joe Gaglione about how his season went along with how recruiting has gone. Joe had a great year and lead his team in almost every defensive category as far as stats go, but could not remember exact numbers right off hand.

His size of 6-4 1/2, 225 lbs. (self-reported stats) Joe said that most teams who have contacted him think he can play outside linebacker or defensive end just depends on how much he keeps growing along with what scheme each school would use.

Talking with Joe he really seems to be looking for a school what it can do for him after college and not so much during college. He told me that he is looking for a school more for it's academic than its football program. Of course he said it would be great to find a place that has both academics and football which he could see a lot of playing time early.

Besides football Joe is going to be running track this year and will be doing the 100 meters and also several of the relays. This will actually be his first year running track in a while because he kind of went away from it and really just worried about football

Currently Joe has no offers yet, but he said he just put together a highlight tape to send out to various schools that have requested to see him. He also stated that he has interest in Boston College, West Virgina, Iowa, Penn State, Toledo, Akron, and some other MAC schools. "I have really just started the process of recruiting because I wanted to wait till after my football season was over before I started concentrating on my future. Also I think that helped me stay focus on my high school team".

Really hard to read who he really likes currently because it seems like he has just started the process along with not many teams actually being able to see his highlights until he has just recently sent them out. He is a kid who does not really like to talk about himself so really hard to get a feel about where he stands and also who is on his list. Seems like it will be awhile before he decides to narrow down his list.

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