Koehling Prepares for Senior Season

Tony Koehling is a 6-3 and 290 pound junior offensive lineman from Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati, OH. As his junior year of high school winds down, his recruitment by collegiate football programs starts to heat up.

Tony Koehling is a 6-3 and 290 pound junior offensive lineman from Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati, OH. Tony has been playing organized football for 12 years, including three years as a starter at Roger Bacon. He also holds a 3.4 GPA.

He has been hearing from Wisconsin, Purdue, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, several MAC schools, and some Ivy League schools.

While Tony says he has not had a lot of contact with coaches at Toledo, there has been email coorespondance and he hopes to talk to members of the coaching staff soon.

"I am very interested in Toledo and I hope to get in touch with the coaching staff," said Tony Koehling.

Tony plans on attending a senior camp at Toledo, and is also considering the offensive lineman camp at UT this summer.

And Toledo is one of his favorite schools. "I'm pretty open when it comes to schools right now," Tony told Rocket Digest. He added, "Mainly (schools) in the Midwest, South, and Northern Ohio. Toledo, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Akron, Bowling Green, and UC."

Tony knows that he has some things to work on during the next several months as he goes through his senior season of high school and also goes through the recruiting process.

"For my senior season and hopefully college career I need to work on my speed, footwork, and agility," Said Tony.

"I know what is going on with the whole offense on every play. I know what every offensive line position is supposed to do. I can think quick on the field. I have size and strength against many of the opponents I play in high school," Tony added when talking about his assets on the football field.

As Tony goes to camps and begins the recruiting process, he also knows what he wants in his senior year of high school.

"This coming season with a new coach (Kevin Huxel) I think we could have a solid season," Tony told Rocket Digest. "We have one of the best senior classes that we have had for a while. Our seniors have tradition in Roger Bacon and will not let the school go through another season like the one we had last year," he concluded.

Roger Bacon has a disappointing 2-8 season last year under head coach John Rodenberg. However, Tony Koehling played very solidly on the offensive line. "He is very intelligent and a three year starter," said Coach Rodenberg.

Tony's coach from last season told Rocket Digest that he has received email coorespondence from both Stan Clayton and Doug Downing on the Toledo coaching staff.

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