Rocket Round Up: Inaugural Edition!

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Welcome to the first EVER issue of's new feature, "Rocket Round Up!"

Rocket Round Up is a new outlet for to share all the latest in Rocket football, basketball and recruiting for each of the two major Toledo sports. Check back frequently for tidbits to be found exclusively here at in this new biweekly feature.

Starting with recruiting...

When Tim Beckman accepted the job as the Toledo Rockets head football coach, he must have found he was in quite the predicament. Just more than eight weeks from National Signing Day, Beckman took the reins of a team with just three verbal commits. In a class that signed 20 prospects, with potential for one or two more in the coming weeks, that left a lot of work to be done.

Accordingly, the new staff quickly began assessing the needs of the 2009 class. Help along the defensive line, a pair of quarterbacks and a pair of cornerbacks became the target areas for the 2009 class. In the secondary, kids with good hips and good speed became the priority a source close to the Rocket football program told

Enter Rickey Steele (4.48), Byron Best (4.37), Daxton Swanson (4.42) and Troy Smith, (4.40 -- the wild card, a possible greyshirt depending on any more late editions to the 2009 recruiting class.) Add top 2008 recruit Jermaine Robinson, a safety who is already enrolled in classes this winter, and a much needed upgrade to the athleticism of the secondary has taken place.

Asked further about Jermaine Robinson, the former Milford Prep Standout got outstanding reviews.

"He's got his academics in order. He got himself a job so that he could pay for prep school himself. He turned around his test scores and grades. He's motivated to succeed and he will succeed."

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