Lester Richmond Prepares for Senior Season

Lester Richmond is a 6-1, 197 pound safety for the Toledo Rockets. In the fall of 2009, Richmond will be entering his senior season at Toledo. Rocket Digest recently talked to Richmond about winter conditioning and the upcoming spring practices, among other things.

Lester Richmond is a 6-1, 197 pound safety for the Toledo Rockets. In the fall of 2009, Richmond will be entering his senior season at Toledo.

Last season Lester was fifth on the team with 60 total tackles. He also had an interception. This was after leading the team with 73 tackles as a sophomore in 2007. He also forced two fumbles and recovered two fumbles in '07.

Rocket Digest recently talked to Richmond about several things, including the coaching changes, winter conditioning, and spring practices.

Lester has been in the Rocket program since the fall of 2005. He redshirted that year due to an injury suffered before the season began. With four years of experience with the previous coaching staff, you might think that adjusting to a new staff with a different way of doing things would be difficult, but not for Richmond.

"It's great to finally get a mix of experiences from all over," Richmond told Rocket Digest in a recent phone interview. "The past staff was mostly alumni. The new staff brings a lot of different experience and ideas."

On top of a change in the coaching staff, there is a new person in charge of speed, strength, and conditioning for the Rocket football program. Rick Court made the move from Bowling Green to Toledo and is the Director of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning. How has that changed winter conditioning?

"It's tough, that's for sure," Lester said when asked about winter conditioning. He added, "Everything is done for a reason."

With spring practices starting March 18th, Richmond is looking forward to getting out on the field. When asked about his expectations as a senior to be he exclaimed, "Real intense. Go all out. The coaches have high expectations."

Winter conditioning and spring practices are the time to work on weaknesses and build your strengths, and Lester has identified some things he is working on to improve for the 2009 season. "I'm working on my change of direction, to get out of my back pedal faster. Staying low, and keeping strength up. That's a big one. Last year I was really tired by the 4th quarter. With what we are doing in winter conditioning, strength will be a key for us this year."

Below is a brief Q&A designed to help Rocket fans get to know Lester Richmond better.

Brian - What is your major?

Lester - It's a dual major in Marketing and Professional Sales.

Brian - Do you have an hobbies?

Lester - Of course I play football all the time. I used to play basketball. Spending time with family is big. I like to play card games. I also like watching the show House."

Brian - What motivates you?

Lester - God. My family and my teammates. I don't want to let my teammates down.

Brian - What's your favorite movie?

Lester - 300 and Troy. I like them both a lot.

Brian - Is there anyone that you pattern your game around?

Lester - Definitely Sean Taylor was. Brian Dawkins. A friend at home that has done a lot for me.

Brian - What is your typical day like right now?

Lester - Lift weights at 9am. Class at 11am till 4:00. Class again at 5:45. After class I go watch film around 7 and study. It's a pretty full schedule. Winter conditioning is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 6am too.

Brian - Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lester - In the pros. Starting a family. After professional football I want to start my own business or do something working with the (Chicago) Bears.

Brian - Any last words you would like to say?

Lester - Don't slack off, because someone else is working hard.

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