DaJuane Collins Q&A

DaJuane Collins started the 2008 campaign on fire with 168 yards and two touchdowns at Eastern Michigan and then 138 yards and two touchdowns with a 9.2 yards per carry average against Fresno State. An ankle injury slowed his production the rest of the season, but now DaJuane is ready to carry the load in 2009.

DaJuane Collins started the 2008 campaign on fire with 168 yards and two touchdowns at Eastern Michigan and then 138 yards and two touchdowns with a 9.2 yards per carry average against Fresno State.

However, in the 2nd half of the Fresno State game DaJuane injured his ankle and it would limit his playing time the rest of the season. He finished the season with 700 yards and five touchdowns, while averaging 5.5 yards per carry.

During the offseason he has been working to strengthen his ankles in hopes of staying healthy all year in 2009. He's also got to learn a new offense, and as a senior, help the underclassmen get accustomed to a coaching transition. Rocket Digest recently talked to Collins about winter workouts and the outlook for 2009. The below Q&A is the result of that conversation.

Brian - What are your impressions of the new coaching staff?

DaJuane - They've got us working hard and everyone's coming along pretty well so far with adjusting to the new staff.

Brian - How is winter conditioning going?

DaJuane - It's going pretty good. We did it a lot different this year. The seniors split up into 8 teams and drafted our underclassmen. You compete against another team in conditioning every Tuesday. It keeps it a challenge and fun.

Brian - What are your impressions of your new running backs coach, Alex Golesh?

DaJuane - Coach Golesh is new to the running back position, but he told us he is going to work hard to get up to speed by spring drills. I can tell he's gotten more knowledgeable about the position and is more comfortable with us now than he was at first. He's made himself available to us for anything.

Brian - As a senior in 2009, do you see yourself taking on more of a leadership role?

DaJuane - Yeah, all of the seniors need to keep everyone focused and on track. We've been helping the coaches with the transition and learning about Toledo since they are all new to Toledo.

Brian - What do you personally need to work on to prepare for spring workouts and the season?

DaJuane - I need to stay healthy with my body and I've been working on learning the new offense. It's a completely new offense from what we ran before.

Brian - Do you have anyone that you pattern your game around?

DaJuane - Early on here I got to learn from some good running backs. I learned a lot from Trinity Dawson and then Jalen Parmele. I wouldn't say I pattern my game around anyone, but I've learned a lot from them that has helped me create my own style.

Brian - What is it like to be entering your senior season and have a new coaching staff come in?

DaJuane - It's sad to see all the coaches that I've worked with my whole career leave, but at the same time these new coaches came in and really got to know all the players and showed they really care about us. It hasn't been too bad of a transition.

Brian - With this fall being your final season at Toledo, what are your expectations?

DaJuane - We're looking to do good things. We've got to come out and work hard to get better. Personally, as seniors our goal is to win the MAC Championship.

Brian - Do you have any hobbies?

DaJuane - I just hang out at the house with my roommates and teammates. I play video games a lot in my spare time.

Brian - Do you have any favorite movies?

DaJuane - The Wood is my favorite movie.

Brian - What is your major?

DaJuane - Communications with a focus in Broadcasting. I will be graduating in December.

Brian - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DaJuane - Hopefully in the NFL on somebody's roster or using my degree, maybe working for ESPN. If not that, growing up I always wanted to be a state trooper so I could see myself doing that too.

Brian - If there was one thing you could say to the rest of the team as you approach your final season, what would it be?

DaJuane - Keep their heads up. No one has a guaranteed spot, you have to prove you should be playing. And if you didn't get the chance to play last year, this is your chance to get on the field and prove yourself.

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