Aaron Opelt Q&A

Aaron Opelt was forced onto the field as a true freshman in 2006 due to an injury to then starting QB Clint Cochran. Opelt didn't look back and has been the starter for the Rockets ever since. A few injuries have plagued Aaron over the years, but as he enters his senior season he is healthy and ready to win.

Aaron Opelt was forced onto the field as a true freshman in 2006 due to an injury to then starting QB Clint Cochran. Opelt didn't look back and has been the starter for the Rockets ever since.

Last season he threw for 2176 yards and 12 TD's with just 7 interceptions. The year before that he threw for 1756 yards and 12 TD's with just 7 interceptions in 9 games played. He missed three games because of injury.

Now entering his senior season this fall, Aaron Opelt is ready to win now. With a new coaching staff in place, and a new attitude inside the Rocket football program, Opelt believes they will win now.

Rocket Digest recently caught up with Aaron for a phone interview, and the below Q&A is the result of that interview.

Brian - What are your impressions of the new coaching staff?

Aaron - Very exciting. Everything is competitive. They make everything a competition, and I think that will make us better.

Brian - How is winter conditioning going?

Aaron - It's all about competition and a lot of guys are coming out of their shell with this competition.

Brian - What is your impression of your position coach, Scott Satterfield?

Aaron - He's a great guy and brings a lot of knowledge. They've won some national championships where he comes from, and he knows how to win.

Brian - It seems that you would fit the new offense very well?

Aaron - I can excel in it, as well as a lot of players on the team. It's about getting the ball to our playmakers, whether it be receivers or running backs. Get the ball to them and let them make plays.

Brian - What things are you doing to get ready for spring practices and then the 2009 season?

Aaron - We've been talking over the offense and learning the plays. I need to come out this spring, competing, and understanding the offense.

Brian - What is a typical day like for you right now?

Aaron - Busy! The latest I sleep is 6:15. Normally I am up by 5am though to start working out. It's running, treatments, then a team meal. Then I have three classes back to back, and then I go for treatment again.

Brian - What's the treatment for?

Aaron - Just to massage my bumps and bruises, and to strengthen my ankles to help avoid injuries this year.

Brian - As a senior coming up in 2009, do you feel the added responsibility of being a leader?

Aaron - I feel a lot of responsibility. Every senior has to step up, whether they'd like to or not. I also think a lot of the younger guys will step up as leaders.

Brian - What is your major in?

Aaron - I am majoring in Business Organization Development, with a minor in Marketing. I will graduate in the spring of 2010.

Brian - Is there anyone that you try to pattern your game around?

Aaron - Brett Favre

Brian - Do you have a favorite movie?

Aaron - Lucky Number Slevin

Brian - Do you have in hobbies?

Aaron - I'm a diehard hunter and fisherman. If I'm not at football or with family I am in the woods or on a boat.

Brian - Where do you see yourself in five years?

Aaron - Somewhere with a family, probably, being successful and using my major. The key is being happy, doing what I set myself up for and enjoying it.

Brian - If there was one thing you could say to your teammates to get ready for the season, what would it be?

Aaron - Just how fast it goes by and you have to appreciate every day. Let's win now. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors.......we've got a new coach and we are going to win now and turn it around right away in the first game.

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