Stephen Williams Q&A

After two impressive seasons, Stephen Williams is within 72 receptions of Lance Moore's all-time school record. 2009 could be another huge year for the 6-5 wide receiver.....a record breaking year as well. Rocket Digest recently talked to Stephen about the upcoming 2009 season and how preparations are going now.

After a breakout sophomore season, Stephen Williams saw more double teams in 2008. However, the 6-5 wide receiver still managed to finish the season with 71 receptions for 781 yards and 8 touchdowns. The previous year he accounted for 73 receptions for 1169 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Now entering his senior season in 2009, Stephen is just 72 receptions and 9 touchdowns catches behind Lance Moore's all-time school records. Stephen could also tie Lance Moore as the only two receivers in school history with two seasons over 1000 yards receiving if he can match his success as a sophomore in 2007.

One thing Stephen has not accomplished at Toledo that Lance Moore did is a MAC Championship. That allusive MAC Championship is Stephen's one and only goal this fall. 72 receptions, 9 touchdowns, and 1000 yards are not even on his radar, as he is focused on just the one goal.

Rocket Digest recently talked to Stephen Williams about the upcoming season and more. The Q&A below is the result of that conversation.

Brian - What are your thoughts on the new coaching staff?

Stephen - The whole team has accepted them in. I love them.

Brian - How is winter conditioning going?

Stephen - My game is developing a lot better than last year. We are competing everyday in winter conditioning, and it is making a difference.

Brian - What do you feel you need to work on to prepare for your senior season in the fall?

Stephen - Basically just trying to become a better receiver. I'm staying involved and working on the receiver drills really hard.

Brian - What is your major?

Stephen - Business Communications. I will have one class left in the fall, and will graduate in December.

Brian - Where do you see yourself in five years?

Stephen - Hopefully still playing football in the NFL.

Brian - Do you pattern your game around anyone?

Stephen - I take notes on Larry Fitzgerald. He's got great hands. You can put three DB's on him and he'll still make the catch.

Brian - Coming into your final season at Toledo, do you have any goals to accomplish?

Stephen - A MAC Championship. We've got a lot of seniors and our focus is on one goal, to win the MAC Championship.

Brian - As a senior do you feel a responsibility as a leader?

Stephen - Yeah. A lot of guys are looking up to you. Coaches and players wamt you to step up. Everyone needs to play at a high level everyday at practice.

Brian - Do you have any hobbies?

Stephen - Not really. 95% of my time is devoted to sleeping, school, or football.

Brian - Do you have a favorite movie?

Stephen - 7 pounds

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