New Location for Coach's Show

This year the Rocket Coach's Show is moving to a new location. A location closer to the University of Toledo's campus. Tim Beckman's weekly radio show will be located at Mulvaney's Bunker on Door Street in Toledo, OH. The show will air live on the Rocket Sports Radio Network. Read on for more information.

The Rocket Coach's Show, featuring head football coach Tim Beckman, has a new location this year. Starting next Monday, September 7th, the Coach's Show will be located at Mulvaney's Bunker. The live weekly radio show airs every Monday at 6:00pm on the Rocket Sports Radio Network.

Mulvaney's Bunker is located at 4945 Dorr Street, about a mile down the street from the University of Toledo's main campus.

Each week, Coach Beckman and host Mark Beier will review the previous week's game, preview the next opponent, and take questions from fans in the audience, as well as by phone.

The Rocket Sports Radio Network consists of three radio stations; 1370 AM in Toledo, 850 AM in Cleveland, and 1310 AM in Detroit.

There are two exceptions to the schedule. On both September 14th and October 5th, the Coach's Show will be at the UT Student Union instead of at Mulvaney's Bunker. Both of those shows will air live at the regular 6:00pm start time.

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