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The Toledo Rockets host the Ohio State Buckeyes tomorrow afternoon at Cleveland Browns Stadium. staff has their predictions in. How will the Toledo Rockets do in their attept to upset No. 11-ranked Ohio State. Can the Midnight Blue & Gold become the first MAC team to knock off Ohio State.

Bret's Prediction
The Toledo Rockets knocked off yet another BCS school in the Glass Bowl last Friday with a convincing win over the Colorado Buffaloes. For the second straight week the Rockets offense looked dominant. Aaron Opelt was once again named the Offensive Player of the Week. In order for the Rockets to stand a chance in this contest, Opelt must put together a game to rival that of last weekend against Colorado.

On the defensive side of the ball the Rockets began to show signs of improvement in week two. Then again, Colorado's offense didn't look much better then that of the top prep teams in Ohio. Continued improvement will be necessary if Toledo is to give its offense a chance, and a key to that will be keeping Terrelle Pryor inside the pocket.

In the end the Rockets will put up their points, but the undersized Rockets defensive line won't be able to stop Ohio State from running the ball as the game wears on. Watch for the Rockets to keep it close in the first half, then the Buckeyes pull away sometime in the third quarter.

Prediction: 38-24 Ohio State
Brian's Prediction
Ohio State has a very strong defense and it will be a very big challenge for the Rocket offense. Ohio State's running game and the mobility of their QB will be a key for the Rocket defense to keep Toledo in the game.

I believe Toledo has a chance to get the upset, but my gut tells me that Ohio State is going to be ready for this game.

Prediction: 42-27 Ohio State
Karl's Prediction
Rockets set out to slow the potent running attack of Colorado after being torched by Purdue on the ground. Mission accomplished. Rockets gave up a ton of yards through the air in the process though. The lack of a lock-down corner (Desmond Morrow) is a glaring hole in the defense. The DLine played better against Colorado than I've seen in quite some time. LBs filled the gaps and made plays. DEs getting some pressure AND some ints has been a plus. Barry Church playing from the Star position may the the defensive key this week against the Buckeyes. Rockets need to limit the ground game to no big plays, and contain the passing game…a big challenge that they haven't been able to meet up to this point.

Rockets have shown an ability to move the ball in big chunks on offense, both on the ground and through the air. They were concerned about Colorado's defensive speed, but the play calling and execution proved that the Rockets could do so against a quality team. OSUs defensive speed is at another level and the Rockets' OLine is key here. The emergence of Danny Noble and Robin Bailey so far this year, along with the return of both Stephen Williams and Morgan Williams, will give the Rockets O a chance to keep the Buckeye defense guessing…and THAT is the key on the offensive side this week.

Toledo cannot get into a smash mouth game with OSU and hope to come out on top. The Rockets will need 11 guys filling their assignments on every play on both sides of the ball. Do that, and the upset is possible. Break down and it could get ugly in a hurry. As with the Colorado game, UT absolutely MUST score early and often and limit OSUs opportunities to match. I don't believe OSU has seen an offense quite like this before, so I like our chances there. All that said, I'm calling for the upset.

Prediction: 37-34 Rockets

Paul's Prediction
This may be the best opportunity the Rockets may ever get to win against the Buckeyes. With OSU coming off the loss to USC, Toledo's breakthrough against Colorado, and factoring neutral turf, the recipe for an upset is present. If UT can hang and not fall more than two scores behind at any point, this will be a close one.

Prediction: 28-24 Rockets
Tom's Prediction
I'm replying more with heart than head...

Prediction: 30-28 Rockets

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