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MAC Pre-season Poll

At this time last year, I was staring at a pre-season poll that picked us last in the West Division. Just a year later, we are picked first in the West Division of the MAC. Although I'm excited to share this news with our recruits, our team won't change the approach and mindset we had all last year. Our three captains have done a great job of keeping the team focused on the task at hand. We respect our conference opponents enough to know we have to bring our best effort every night in order to achieve our goal in the season-ending poll. We will let our effort define us, not a pre-season poll.

Tanika and Naama were selected as pre-season All-MAC in the West Division. They both have continued to improve each and every practice. Practices have been very competitive and productive. We've implemented our system at a much quicker pace this year. Having so many returning players is like extending our coaching staff by nine. We also have about 10 practice guys who compete against us daily. I really appreciate the effort of this group of individuals. You'll never read about them in the paper or media guide, but they push us daily to raise the bar!

We made time for a few team-building activities in the past few weeks that have been very beneficial. First, we took our players to Camp Miakonda in Sylvania to complete a low ropes and high ropes course. It was fun to see our players come together and complete the various tasks they were assigned. I didn't realize how big Camp Miakonda was! If you would like to see some of the pictures and videos from this trip, check out my FACEBOOK page. This past week Stephanie Zonars put our team through a "Real Colors" personality/temperament workshop. We all learned what category our personalities fit and how to best communicate and interact with the different personalities represented on our team. You can only imagine how valuable that information is to a team and coaching staff!

To those of you who attended our fundraiser downtown, I would like to extend a big thank you from our team and coaching staff! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Our only exhibition game is November 5th vs. Ashland and our first game is only sixteen days away (November 13th) vs. Northwestern. Call 419-530-4653 for tickets! GO ROCKETS!

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